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A chaotic start to the endurance event at WEG

Brazil's Bond Girl in the endurance - © FEI/MARTIN DOKOUPIL

Brazil's Bond Girl in the endurance.


By Rebecca Radny

It was a tumultuous start to the opening equestrian event at the World Equestrian Games as the endurance competition kicked off. After a delayed start to the event scheduled for 6.30am, there was confusion on course as to which way the markers indicated the loop to travel. In endurance competition, the direction of the course is indicated by markers such as coloured streamers or arrows.

Minutes went by as scores of horses and riders milled on the track that bordered the impressive cross-country course, waiting for clarity regarding the course to dawn. A hiccup such as this can evidently have a great impact on the flow of the event, which is of vital importance in the opening kilometres of this ultramarathon competition. It is essential to establish a good rhythm early on in endurance rides in order to settle the horse mentally and physically.



The controversy continued when over an hour into the competition it was announced that there would be a restart to the competition following the confusion at the beginning of the race. Officials deliberated for nearly 30 minutes, with the decision reached that, after the completion of the first leg (40km), they would be retained at the ride base until the competition is rescheduled.

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