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A haircut for Chickaboo

Chickaboo and River. © Anne Scott-Virtue

Chickaboo the Shetland and River.


A haircut for Chickaboo

By Equestrian Life

While the majority of horses had their winter haircuts a couple of months ago, 14 year old Shetland pony Chickaboo has just had her spring trim!

Unlike most that are clipped over winter to makes things easier when they’re worked, Chickaboo needed a clip due to her thick Cushings coat and the imminent arrival of some warmer weather. We thought the images were too cute not to share!

Chickaboo’s owner, Anne, purchased the pint-sized mare earlier this year for her 14-month-old daughter, River.


Chickaboo and River. © Anne Scott-Virtue

Chickaboo and River.

“Her previous owner told me she was a therapy pony and actually went to aged care facilities. In between the two lockdowns here in Victoria, I had organised with the aged care facilities in our local area to take her out and do more therapy work. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to do that yet with the lockdown, but we’re looking forward to it hopefully in the not too distant future,” says Anne.

Little Boo is house trained and makes the odd visit inside to watch TV, and is incredibly calm and gentle with children.

“She’s a really, really sweet pony. If my daughter goes anywhere near her, she just stands like a rock and doesn’t move a muscle. River pulls herself up on her fur and her mane, and she just stand still.”


Chickaboo prior to her haircut. © Anne Scott-Virtue

Chickaboo prior to her haircut.


Chickaboo washed and ready for clipping. © Anne Scott-Virtue

Chickaboo washed and ready for clipping.

Although Boo is on Pergolide to help manage her Cushings, she still has quite a long, thick coat. Earlier during winter, Anne had Grace — who runs clipping grooming business Clipping by Grace — attend her agistment property to clip her throughbred and some of the agistees’ horses.


Grace hard at work. © Anne Scott-Virtue

Grace hard at work.


Half clipped. © Anne Scott-Virtue

Halfway there.

“She did such a good job. So I got her back to do the pony; she was keen to do it and not worried about wrecking her blades on the thick hair… it was a bit of a mission!” laughs Anne.


All done. © Anne Scott-Virtue

All done!

Grace certainly did a wonderful job, and we think Chickaboo is looking very smart indeed!


Chickaboo enjoying the spring sunshine. © Anne Scott-Virtue

Chickaboo enjoying the spring sunshine.

A special thanks to Anne and Grace for allowing us to share these beautiful images of Boo. All images © Anne Scott-Virtue.

You can follow the adventures of Chickaboo and her thoroughbred friend Thomas via cherart.equestrian


Clipping by Grace   


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