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Amanda's October Update

October Update - Amanda Ross


A couple of weeks ago, William Wordsworth & I won the Exhibition Eventing at Melbourne Show, then the CNC** at Avenel in one week… My Willy was on fire! However nothing is certain where horses are concerned, & two weeks later I sit typing this one handed from hospital, after receiving surgery to plate my wrist! After successfully fracturing the distal head of my radius into three bits, & knocking myself out during a cross country schooling session on Willy, I can now kiss the rest of the eventing season goodbye. Amazing how quickly things can do a U-turn…


What a smile from Amanda Ross

On a winning streak © Jenelle Christopher/Equestrian Life


What happened? I have no idea! I think being knocked out (although not ideal) was a godsend… I don’t remember the fall so I’m not nervous about riding XC, I don’t remember any pain, didn’t see any misshapen limbs… just woke up in Frankston emergency in all forms of green-whistled bliss! I know I was XC schooling, & fortunately or not, my poor friend/student Imogen witnessed the entire episode, so I do have a first-hand account of what happened. I was jumping a combination of three fences, & Willy chipped in a stride at the third element (a skinny rolltop) where he shouldn’t have, & rotated over the fence, landing on his face. Thankfully he’s OK, but I lay there for a couple of minutes out cold. Imogen quickly called for help, & the rest was up to the ambos/Dr’s etc. Realistically, I think a fractured wrist & concussion was a lucky escape…


When under the influence of concussion & the green whistle, its amazing what comes out of ones mouth. When the ambo’s asked who the prime minster was, I stated ‘Margaret Thatcher? I’m not much into politics…’. And when asked which year or day it was… ‘Well, it’s after the (2000) Olympics?’ Plus I asked about 400 times ‘What happened?’ And on waking up from surgery it always amazes me how I’m dressed. Roman med student? A gown with only the right arm through the hole, left arm bandaged up with an entire pillow taped around it, calf-length white compression socks, a red hair cap, & yellow & green Aussie Team jocks.. Oh dear… no photos, please! 


Amanda Ross wrist broken

Ouch! © Amanda Ross


So what happens now? Lots of teaching that’s for sure! I’m in a half-cast for two weeks, then an appointment with my wonder surgeon Dr Pete (Peter McComb, who is not only the best orthopaedic surgeon around, but also husband to successful dressage rider Sharyn McComb… at least I am comforted by the fact Pete will understand horses, & give me a realistic riding time frame!), to change into a splint & get some rehab happening for another month. The horses will be lunged, & possibly ridden by one of my students, then I think I’ll need to take them showjumping over summer – no more holidays for them! Thankfully I wasn’t entered for Adelaide, & the boys are CCI** qualified, so there’s no urgency competition wise. Just annoying… 


What did I learn from this shemozzle?! A few things really cemented into my brain (apart from the ground & my helmet!) –

  1. Always go XC schooling with someone else, either on foot or a horse.
  2. Take your phone, & have emergency numbers on speed dial.
  3. Take out ambulance cover & private insurance.
  4. Wear an approved helmet & back protector.
  5. Put yourself in the recovery position (do your 1st aid cert, it’ll happen subconsciously!)… lol!
  6. Never think it won’t happen to you! I was riding a very clean jumping 2* horse, who I would never have thought to catch a jump with his legs. Bugger.
  7. Jars, round door handles, putting your hair in a pony tail, & opening the microwave door whilst holding a bowl – not happening. 


I think I’m up for a new air-vest too… the cost has stopped me from buying one to date, but realistically, what’s the price of escaping an injury?


Stay safe kids, practice hard & eat your veggies!


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