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Aussie makes reining final

Warwick Schiller was delighted with Plenty of Guns - © Michelle Terlato

Warwick Schiller was delighted with Plenty of Guns.

© Michelle Terlato


The reining continued overnight at WEG with the second individual qualifying round.

Aussies Robyn and Warwick Schiller both received very impressive scores in the second individual qualifying round. Robyn Schiller and Smart Like Steady received a total score of 220.5 points, placing them in 7th position alongside UK’s Francesca Sternberg.


Robyn Schiller took the lead over her husband by just 1-2 points - © Michelle Terlato

Robyn Schiller took the lead over her husband by just half a point.

© Michelle Terlato

Warwick Schiller and Plenty Of Guns were just behind in 9th position, with a total score of 220.0.

Unfortunately Robyn and Warwick Schiller won’t be moving into the final round as only the riders with the top five scores from the second qualifying round are selected. Both riders scored very impressive results amongst tough competition, and it can be noted that Robyn missed out by 0.5 points, while Warwick needed 1.5 points more to have secured his place.

Aussie Shauna Larcombe has made it into the individual reining final on the Quarter Horse mare, Designed With Shine. The combination made it straight through to the final round on their first score at the first individual/team round, where they received 221.5 points.




The final individual round will commence on Saturday the 15th of September, at 6:00 pm and run till 8:30 pm Tryon time. You can catch the action live on FEI TV at 8:00 am - 10:30 am AEST, Sunday the 16th of September.
Shauna and Designed With Shine are expected to go 11th out of the 22 starters.

You can view the individual final running sheet here!

You can view the second individual qualifying competition results here!

Well done Robyn and Warwick and good luck Shauna!

Written by Equestrian Life





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