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BLOG: Dear Olympian, please don’t apologise

Australian Chris Burton and Santano II - Photo credit Arnd Bronkhorst
Chris Burton and Santano II did Australia proud in Rio.

© Arnd Bronkhorst

Hello my friends. Do you have time for a quick chat? There is something I need to get off my chest. The kettle is on and I think I will brew a pot of Organic Tasmanian Chai.


I am perplexed as to why our courageous Olympians feel that they need to apologise for not winning a Gold medal. Why is winning a Silver medal seen as a failed chance at Gold? Why don’t we see images of Bronze medals being held proudly, kissed and cherished?  Why are our commentators lamenting a fourth position as “Just outside of medal contention” as if it’s something to be ashamed of?

This is the OLYMPICS!
Not the World Championships.
Not the National Championships.
Not the European Championships.

It’s the OLYMPICS. The event held every 4 years that is the pinnacle of all events. It is the toughest, most demanding, most stressful, most esteemed event of worldwide proportions. There is no other event that will challenge you more than the Olympic Games. Only the truly courageous with the will, the strength, the commitment and the resolve will have the honour of testing themselves amongst their peers.


Saddleworld small July 2016


My message to all Olympians is: “Please don’t apologise”

Please understand that you, the Olympian, are a rare individual. You are the people who sacrifice all you have to be the best that you can be. You dare to put yourself in a vulnerable position every day.

Why is is that I sense that there are those who take glee at every stumble and every fall, rather than support and encourage these BRAVE individuals to do something that they themselves are NOT BRAVE enough to try?

If you have given 100% of every aspect of your life to be an Olympian, then you have no need to apologise for you and no one else can ask any more of you.

If you did NOT give 100%, then don’t apologise to me. Apologise to yourself for only you can control your COMMITMENT.

Dear Olympian, I thank you for giving me a reason to cheer, to share your dream, to sit on the edge of my seat with excitement and watch you give every fibre of your being on this moment. You are an INSPIRATION.

Well I think that’s off my chest now. Thank you so much for giving me your precious time for the cuppa and a chat. I guess it’s time to go and do something…what’s your next aspiration? Go on, be BRAVE.

Love to you all and your treasured horses.


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