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BLOG: Onwards and upwards

Liz Sobecki blog - Photo credit Liz Sobecki

© Liz Sobecki


By Liz Sobecki

First of all, how fast has this year gone?! I swear each year seems to be flying by faster than the one before. What a year it has been so far, though!
Since my return from Europe, I have been putting my head down and training hard. For those who have been following my story, you know that I had a Multiple Sclerosis (MS) relapse whilst I was training in Holland for the Rio Paralympics. This unfortunately ended my Rio campaign, but hey, everything happens for a reason I believe. After settling into training again only a week after returning home, I copped yet another MS relapse. This time I began to lose my eyesight again. This was due to the myelin sheath casing my optic nerve being attacked by my MS. Imagine a cable and a mouse. Now imagine the mouse chewing on the cable. The cable is my nerve and the mouse is my MS! Thankfully after heavy IV steroid treatment in hospital, my optic nerve responded well and began to repair quickly. Before I knew it I was back on the horse and back in the gym!


Liz Sobecki blog 2 - Photo credit Liz Sobecki

© Liz Sobecki

Since my last relapse I have been slowly getting back to the strength I was at before the attack. Fatigue has been plaguing me like never before, but I’m not going to let that beat me. There have been days where I can’t even lift my head off of my pillow, but the good days, man, they’re good. I feel fit on the horse and strong in the gym. My young mare, Matavia Furst Lady (“Lizzie”) is going great guns and she has her first championship event coming up next month with me. I’m so excited at the way Lizzie is progressing in her training; she is such a delight to work with in every way. I’m so glad she found me; she’s one in a million.
Life away from riding has been exciting for me this year also – I’m engaged!! I asked the love of my life, Courtney, to marry me, and she said yes.  Since meeting me, Courtney has begun learning to ride and now even has her very own horse. The two have bonded well and her new mount, “Red”, is teaching her the ropes extremely well :) I can’t wait for the day when we can both go to competitions together and both be riding!
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed following the Olympic Equestrian events from Rio, and now it’s time for the best part – the Paralympics! Well done to all the Olympic riders, and now, best of luck to the Paralympic riders! I know you will all do Australia proud!


Liz Sobecki blog 3 - Photo credit Liz Sobecki

© Liz Sobecki

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