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BLOG: Think Big

Mim Coleman Tiny Roger Fitzhardinge  Cover

Mim Coleman and Tiny.

 © Roger Fitzhardinge

Why helloooooo everyone. It has been a long time between cups of tea and a biscuit. I think we last spoke back in April. Gosh where have the months gone? Quick, go and grab your cuppa, pull up your favourite chair; I have a packet of Tim Tams to share and I will bring you up to speed.

So waaaaaaay back in April Tiny and I huffed and puffed our way through our first Grand Prix test. It is a magical test and I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity. However after the competition both Tiny and I were exhausted. We had had a massive season and it was time for some relaxation and recuperation. My long-suffering horsey husband, and I packed our bags for a 5-week overseas holiday. Tiny was moved from his Penthouse Apartment to the Country Estate at Kingston Agistment. Tiny’s holiday included massages, gourmet lunches and visits to the salon for manicures, pedicures and hair styling.

So it was July before we reunited and to be honest I had no clear idea of what we would do next. I admit that I had lost my drive and desire. The “Road to Grand Prix” consumed my life, my thoughts, my bank account, my social life, and my family life - the whole deal. A piece of me doubted that I could give all that again.

Then along came the Olympics…

For some reason that I can’t explain I found myself caught up in the Olympic hype. I really LOVE my bed and yet there I was in the lounge room in front of the telly from 11pm to 4am watching our equestrian heroes living out their dream. How can you complain about being tired when those riders have given 100% commitment for the past 4 years and more for this one moment? The least we can do is make an effort to cheer them on - and besides, what’s the point in caffeine if it’s not to perk you up after an all-nighter? 


Mim Coleman blog


I don’t know if it was the machinations of a tired brain but I started thinking…what if? Anything is possible right? Not that I have Olympic aspirations and you may not either - today, tomorrow, next week or next year.

But what if you find yourself on a horse, placing consistently at Grand Prix and dare to put yourself out there as an Olympic prospect?
What if, you then find yourself in a position where you could be a member of the Australian Olympic team?

Anything is possible. If I, a suburban housewife can pull it together to ride a Grand Prix test then you can too. I can hear you saying “But I don’t even want to ride Grand Prix” Well I can honestly tell you that riding Grand Prix had NEVER crossed my mind. Not until Roger Fitzhardinge suggested that I was on the “Road to Grand Prix” in an article he wrote. I was quite shocked when I read those words and I thought to myself “am I?” That thought progressed to “maybe I could be?” That thought then progressed to “Dare I put myself out there for such an audacious goal?”

Before I knew it we were on the Road to Grand Prix and we didn’t look back. It has been the most wonderful experience of my life and one that I may have otherwise missed out on.

Think of it this way. You have before you a beautiful painting by Monet, the Agapanthus Triptych, that spans the room over 12 metres long. Where do your eyes land? We tend to step back and take in the whole view. But rarely do we take the time to look at the detail as it can be too overwhelming.

So what if, as you look at your panorama of wishes, dreams, ambitions, goals, desires - what if there are some that you don’t see?
Dare to step forward and take a closer look because you will find yourself experiencing your wildest dream.

Be open to any possibility because anything is possible.

Thank you for joining me for a chat. Next stop for Tiny and I is a clinic with Roger. I need a serious attitude adjustment.

Love to you all and your treasured horses.

Mim and Tiny


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