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BLOG: Will he have enough scope?

By Trish Joyce

We had asked ourselves many questions before today -  we hoped to have some answers after he had jumped the course… Will Oaks Volta have enough scope?

Team Joyce went to the Boneo Park monthly showjumping competition held over the weekend. We left Friday afternoon to meet Tiffany who was driving from University to have a ride on Rhonda. Wes and I loaded Oaks Volta, LH Rhonda and LH Lily Puss. All of us were looking forward to this show, mainly because we have not stayed away for a whole weekend since October last year. Camping in the Beast definitely enhances the time away together as many of you would understand I am sure.

As soon as we drove in the gateway of Boneo Park, we noticed the new bitumen drive. There were so many, “Wow have a look at that”, features catching our eyes. How can they keep improving a facility that is already state of the art? It was blissful parking in front of power and water, unloading straight into the yards and causally walking Oaks Volta towards a supreme stable block.


Wes walking Oaks Volta to his stable

Wes walking Oaks Volta to his stable 

LH Rhond & LH Lily Puss in yards

Lily & Rhonda in their yards


Saturday morning was an early rise for us as Tiffany and LH Rhonda were entered for the Open 90cm. I had made a mistake not looking at the program properly when I did the entries. The 90cm was held on the massive grass arena in Ring 1, with the 45cm on the sand arena in Ring 2. I had thought that the 75cm would be a good first start in preparation for the 90cm, but it was my fault for not paying enough attention to the program. During breakie, Wes said “Are you sure the 90cm is not on right now?” He was right.  We quickly rushed out to tack up and made it to the ring just in time. Rhonda went well, with only 1 rail down the first fence, a very pleasing result. Rhonda then competed in the Open 75cm on sand, jumping a lovely clear round. She was unfortunately not fast enough for a placing in the jump off.


Tiffany having fun on LH Rhonda

Tiffany having fun on LH Rhonda

Tiffany jumping LH Rhonda 75cm

Tiffany jumping LH Rhonda

I was competing next on LH Lily Puss in the Open 60cm. This was my first showjumping competition in over 20 years. Was I nervous? Yes! I was worried and panicky; I was every synonym to nervous. Have a listen to the Barastoc Chat-ski’s of both Wes and I.  It was quite a strange feeling being stood on the other side for an interview!


Barastoc Chatski with Wes



Barastoc Chatski with Trish


Tiffany was my coach for walking the course; and she gave me plenty of tips along the way. Wes was the major calm factor director, making sure I stayed focused. It was a Team effort as all things are in our family. We are so fortunate to be able to support each other doing what we are very passionate about – riding horses at all levels. It felt fantastic to canter around with my little mare. She did her job, a job she knows well and looked after me. We placed 5th and proudly came away with a pink sash.

Lil Star looking after me

Lil Star looking after me



LH Lily Puss wins many sashs

Lil Star with her many Sashes

Wes patiently waiting to jump Oaks Volta

Wes waited patiently at the ringside, watching the first few riders jump before hoping on Oaks Volta for the Open 1.10m.


We had asked ourselves many questions before today. We hoped to have some answers after Oaks Volta had jumped the course. Will Oaks Volta behave camping away from home? Will he warm up calmly with all the other horses and wait patiently for his turn to jump? Will he look at the obstacles, baulk or run out? Can he clear the jumps with ease? How long can he keep his concentration for? Does he get distracted and what causes his distraction? The list goes on. Volta is only 5 years old and this was the fourth jumping round of his life out at a competition. Starting straight up in the Open 1.10m was a tough question to ask, with many questions to follow. Tiffany and I both watched Wes ride off to the arena and by his body language we could tell he was extremely happy. Volta was not so keen to stand still, but this was expected of a young stallion. Wes kept him walking until he entered the warm up. He warmed up nicely in with the other horses, but the exciting part was to come, the riding of the actual course. Volta did not flinch at the task at hand. He made a great shape over the fences and cleared them strongly. Coming past the gateway he broke the canter and trotted, thinking his job was done. Wes encouraged him forward to jump the last 4 fences. It was a lovely refreshing clear round by our favourite handsome Stallion. Out of the 30 combinations competing, 8 jumped clear. Wes had one rail in the jump off to come an overall 2nd. Only one double clean round won the class. Wes sat proud on Oaks Volta and gladly claimed his long awaited, lovely red sash. Volta’s behaviour throughout the competition was impeccable.


Oaks Volta & Wes very happy with themselves

Wes & Oaks Volta very happy with themselves


On the Sunday it was quite wet underfoot and Wes made the decision to not start Oaks Volta. Tiffany and Rhonda were competitive in the Open 95cm on the grass, and I had another go at the two smaller classes in Ring 2.


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