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Boneo Cup Victory for Tom McDermott and Alpha Activity

Tom McDermott Boneo Cup Stephen Mowbray event photo


Tom McDermott and Alpha Activity won the 2019 Boneo World Cup

© Stephen Mowbray Photography


Tom McDermott posted a fast double clear with Alpha Activity to win Sunday’s Total Animal Supplies Boneo Cup, ahead of last year’s winner Olivia Hamood and Alan 111 Z.

An impressive line up of thirty six combinations contested the class, with 10 combinations jumping clear in Round One. With 12 combinations advancing to Round Two, Tom McDermott and Alpha Activity were the first to jump clear. A further five combinations finished without penalties in Round Two, however none could surpass Tom’s time of 45.17 seconds. Olivia Hamood and Alan 111 Z finished just under a second behind on 46.16 seconds, while Billy Raymont claimed third and fourth places with Anssioso Z and Anton respectively. Jessie Rice-Ward and CP Southern Cross and Adam Metcalfe and MEC Aston rounded out the top six.

In the Interpath Mini Prix Class Brooke Langbecker showed commanding form; emerging victorious with the imported Indoctro stallion Black Jack IXE and placing third in the sixty three strong field with Beijing Ls La Silla. Brooke Campbell took second place with Copabella Voltage, while Wes Joyce and Oaks Volta finished in fourth place ahead of fifth placed Clem Smith and Co-Pilot.


Brooke Langbecker Boneo Cup Stephen Mowbray event photo


Brooke Langbecker and Black Jack IXE, winners of the Interpath Mini Prix at the Boneo Cup Show

© Stephen Mowbray Photography


A highlight of the event was the third round of the 2019 Stal Tops Young Rider Series. Thirty three combinations competed in the 1.30m class, with the current NSW Young Rider Champion Amelia Douglass displaying the dominant form she has enjoyed throughout the 2019 season to take both the win and third place with Sirius du Granit and Cassis Z Ten Halven respectively. Amelia’s results at Boneo see her now occupy first and equal second place on the series leaderboard, with the final round taking place at the Chatham Park Summer Classic, held at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre in December.


Amelia Douglass Boneo Cup Stephen Mowbray event photo


Amelia Douglass jumps to the top of the Stal Tops Young Rider Class and Series Leaderboard

© Stephen Mowbray Photography


With strong results posted in all classes at the Boneo Cup Show, the Pryde’s Easifeed Australian Jumping Championships is set to be a fiercely contested event. Commencing this week at Boneo Park, the event features five days of competition and free entry for spectators.








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