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Calls for Equestrian Northern Territory to gain equal voting rights

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Calls for Equestrian Northern Territory to gain equal voting status

The Equestrian Australia (EA) Annual General Meeting (AGM) is set to be held on Monday, 18 January 2021 at 8:00pm (AEDT).

There are a number of items on the agenda, including a ‘Special Business Notice of Motion’, which proposes to amend Rules 4.1 and 5.2 of the Constitution to give Equestrian Northern Territory (ENT) voting status equal to that held by the other State branches.

Recently, 195 members from each and every state provided their signature to support this Notice of Motion. Monday's AGM is the time to vote.

Like many, the Equestrian Australia Dressage Committee (EADC) supports Equestrian NT gaining equal voting rights. Below is an open letter from EADC:

Because we had the mindset for change, we came together just 6 months ago, with the will to create unity in our membership ‘we are all EA’.

Equal status across Australia…equal respect, that was the message we delivered, the bottom line:

“Let’s do things better”

Some of our members still don’t have that equal status through their Branch. Our Equestrian Northern Territory members have the same commitment to their horses and the same welfare and training goals – personal bests, fellowship in competition…

During our EA AGM we’re being asked to vote on a Special Business Notice of Motion aimed at amending Rules 4.1 and 5.2 of our Constitution, to give Equestrian Northern Territory equal voting status to that held by the other States.

The Voluntary Administration gave all of us our individual right to vote on Constitutional matters – and likewise our six State Branches retain a vote each.

This amendment is designed to ‘plug the gap’.

In the decades since we became a National Federation, the Northern Territory has never had its own vote
now we have the chance to change that – and not before time!

Our challenge as members is to vote as one in favour of the amendment and to show our support and respect to our Territory friends….

We need a unity ticket on this –

2021 will be a time of recovery and renewal in our sport, we need goodwill to recoup
voting status and good leadership on the 18th January, let’s fix this –

“Let’s do things better”

On behalf of the EADC
Prue Spurrett, Chair.

With the support of:
Des Hughes, Chair EA Eventing C’tee
Graeme Wats, Chair EA Jumping C’tee
Darryn Fedrick, Chair EA Vaulting C’tee
Chris Bailey, Chair EA Endurance C’tee





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