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Celeste Amezdroz: A star of the future


Celeste Amezdroz and Jaybee Alonzo. © Roger Fitzhardinge 2

Celeste Amezdroz and Jaybee Alonzo.

© Roger Fitzhardinge

Celeste Amezdroz first caught the attention of many at Willinga Park’s very successful Open Day in March, when she rode in Roger Fitzhardinge’s masterclass with her horse Jaybee Alonzo.

Roger was very impressed by Celeste’s riding ability and believes she is “one of Australia's most talented up and coming riders.”

An exciting young rider making waves on her first serious dressage horse, she will return to Bawley Point from September 29 to October 1 to compete at Capricorn Australia ‘Dressage by the Sea’ — Willinga Park’s first CDI.

“We are looking forward to ‘Dressage by the Sea’, and can’t wait to come back to Willinga Park,” says Celeste, who is entered in the CDI Under 25 classes.

At only their third Grand Prix event, Celeste and Alonzo took first place at Hawksbury Dressage Club in July on a personal best score; they will be looking to build upon this recent success when they step out at ‘Dressage by the Sea’.

“Celeste cannot believe her luck to have been able to get Alonzo to Grand Prix, as he is her first real dressage horse… quite a feat and she, of all people, savours every ride and the chance to ride him in prestigious competitions such as ‘Dressage By The Sea’,” says Roger, “Celeste remembers the Willinga Park Open Day when she and Alonzo were nervous at the thought of showing the Grand Prix movements… but now having competed several times, they have grown in confidence and are looking forward to competing at Willinga Park.”

He notes that Alonzo, who is by international Australian representative Jaybee Alabaster, is “a seriously cool dude”.

Together, they make a very special pair.


Celeste Amezdroz and Jaybee Alonzo. © Roger Fitzhardinge

Celeste Amezdroz and Jaybee Alonzo.

© Roger Fitzhardinge

“Dressage is a complicated sport and you need to always be able to look to the future, and above all look forward to the opportunity to ride each day. Celeste is one of those competitors who leaves no stone unturned and takes every ride as its own individual learning experience,” explains Roger, “Celeste and Alonzo are a great duo and will be out there to do their very best to impress. No matter what the result, I can assure you Celeste will take it in her stride and continue to strive daily to get better. She will make all who watch her test feel happy… that's just what she does!”





Issue 38


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