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Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre Undergoes $1.4M Makeover

In June 2012, Centennial Parklands successfully acquired the grant from the NSW Government to replace and upgrade the facility to support the Equestrian Centre Improvement Program. It was identified the repair and replacement of several parts of the roof and support structure was vital to maintain the safety and integrity of the structure.
Denise Rogan Centennial Park
Through economies of scale and efficient project programming, Centennial Parklands was able to install an additional roof over the Support Arena creating another covered riding space for the Centre users.
Denise Rogan Centennial Park
Minister Parker said the NSW Government is committed to Centennial Parklands vision to create a high value sporting facility which embraces the strong heritage values of the site.
Denise Rogan Centennial Park
The Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre is now a world class venue providing horse riding lessons and day rides, as well as high-quality stabling for privately owned horses, and training facilities such as the Covered Arena and Support Arena.
The  Covered Arena  is one of the most utilised facilities within the Equestrian Centre, and a much-loved feature for any visitors.
Denise Rogan Centennial Park'
the new arena roof
Denise Rogan Centennial Park
the support arena
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