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Charlotte Dujardin gains PB with Mount St John Freestyle

Charlotte Dujardin and Mount St John Freetsyle at Bolesworth International © Adam Fanthorpe.jpg

Charlotte Dujardin and Mount St John Freetsyle, pictured here at Bolesworth International in 2019.

© Adam Fanthorpe


Charlotte Dujardin gains PB with Mount St John Freestyle

Charlotte Dujardin has reportedly gained a Grand Prix personal best with Mount St John Freestyle at a private, closed-door event in the UK. The pair scored 85% in the presence of 5* judges.

“Freestyle was also a little star (last weekend), gaining a personal best with 85% and in the presence of four 5* judges! So pleased with her; she was stunning to ride.

“I also rode Ellie McCarthy’s Londero in his first GP. A few mistakes as he’s very green, but a super horse for the future.

“It really is so nice to be competing; it’s different without the crowds but very grateful to everyone who is creating these opportunities for our horses,” said Charlotte via her Facebook page.

Londero previously competed at Grand Prix level with Elena Fernandez, but after changing hands a few tomes was bought earlier this year by British U25 Grand Prix rider Ellen McCarthy - who is coached by Charlotte.

Carl Hester also had a successful show, competing Charlotte’s horse En Vogue.

“Delighted with my first time in the competition arena with Vogue, who’s owned by the boss! He scored nearly 78% in the GP special, so pleased with him!” said Carl via Facebook.





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