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Chautauqua fails barrier test again

Chautauqua at Rosehill on Tuesday (Image: Twitter - @AndrewNJHawkins)

Chautauqua at Rosehill on Tuesday.

Image: Twitter - @AndrewNJHawkins


The path to the racetrack remains closed for Chautauqua, who moved a step closer to retirement at Rosehill on Tuesday after again failing to jump with the field from the barriers in an official trial.

Chautauqua had refused to jump from the barriers five times previously in trials and jump-outs in 2018, and while he again did not jump with the field on Tuesday morning, he was listed as taking part in the trial as his rider Tommy Berry did finally manage to encourage the horse to leave the gates - albeit many seconds after his rivals.

He is listed as finishing last in the trial, beaten 92.7 lengths.

The eight-year-old winner of $8.8million in stakes is under a racing ban because of his barrier antics and the latest failure to jump with the field might be the tipping point for connections as they strive to get the great grey to one more spring carnival.

This article first appeared on the Racing Victoria website and is reproduced here with their kind permission. For more on Off the Track visit rv.racing.com/news


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