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Competition returns to AELEC!

Hazel Shannon WillingaPark Clifford Tamworth 2020 © Oz Shotz

Hazel Shannon WillingaPark Clifford, pictured here at Tamworth earlier this year.

© Oz Shotz


Competition returns to AELEC!

Tamworth International Eventing will be holding the first official competition post Covid on the 21st and 22nd November at the world class Australian Equine and Livestock Events Centre.

Everyone has been working hard behind the scenes putting together Covid safety plans and liaising with AELEC staff, who have been assisting event organisers to put on the safest show possible adhering to Covid guidelines, so everyone can get back out enjoying competing their horses again.

The event is of course limited to the outdoor crowd limit of 500 people and spectators will not be allowed to attend. Keeping the number under 500 was always the concern due to the many volunteers needed to help run the event as well as entries on top of that number. As such, the organising committee has capped the entries each day and will be running classes as a true one day event.

Every other horse organisation will be watching to see how it all works, as this club will be the first cab off the rank with this event at AELEC!

The event does cater for all levels of riding, starting at 45cm through to the CCN4*class. Event organisers are expecting to have children from pony club ranks, mature riders competing for fun, as well as international level riders who have competed at Olympics. The Tamworth event is one of just a handful of events that cater for such a wide range of riding levels.

This year the event again has some great local sponsors supporting them, and event organisers acknowledge that without sponsor help they would not be able to pull off such a show. The event is also thankful to the venue, AELEC, for all of their help behind the scenes to make it possible to run this competition at this amazing facility during these unprecedented times.

You can find out more about this event here.

Source: Event press release






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