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Confusion and now mud - endurance continues at WEG

Endurance riders canter after the start at WEG - © FEI/MARTIN DOKOUPIL

Endurance riders canter after the start at WEG.



By Rebecca Radny

Following on from  a very chaotic beginning which resulted in a restart of the Endurance competition, the GJ decided that once the last rider had completed the first loop (39.9km), there would be a 45 minute break and then ALL the horses that had successfully completed the first loop would restart the event, thus making it a 120km race. Unfortunately, Australia lost one of its combinations after the first loop vetting; Sam Jones and Wallace Hill Sundance were eliminated on metabolics. Sam was in a very competitive position with the top group of riders to complete that loop.




The race started again at 11:15am (local time) and riders embarked on the 31.1km loop. Then the heavens opened up and it poured with rain! The concern now is that the track may become muddy and slippery. There are many washaways and riders will need to navigate these carefully to avoid stumbling.

The 3 remaining Australian riders passed the first (the new first!) vetting with flying colours and very quick heart rate recoveries. Penny Toft on her homebred horse is in 21st position , Naomi O’Shaunessy is in 28th and Stella Harbison is in 56th position.

They have now departed on the second loop of 40.1km - go Aussies!

You can keep up to date with hows the Aussis are faring via the FEI's endurance tracker.





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