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Day Two of the Australian National Championships was a big competition day

Peter Wagner at work!!!! A man of many talents and looking fit as a flea again

Day two of the Australian National Championships was a big competition day indeed and the Advanced class was as strong a class at this level that has met at one gathering. It was a little staggering to see horses that came in to this class with fantastic scores with many averaging over the 70% range yet at this competition they were winning with 68%

This class was so strong and the tests at this higher end of the Advanced list are taxing and difficult and with many movements. As a consequence the results were varied with the place getters from one to another but on top there was no question that Show master and Mark Arthur came out on top in both classes to be champion and obviously well deserved and after a fairly good PSG yesterday and only a 62% to finish 30th todays performance was so much better.

It simply is that if you don’t make a clean test or you have one pace with a rhythm mistake you are going to loose marks and places and just ask Alycia Targa and CP Dresden who made an error of course in the 5.2 and that put them from 2nd to 4th !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! unreal but true!!!

The standard is so high in these classes that a missed step in a walk pirouette or a flying change on a coefficient mark that’s together then you are down the order. This is why you see in the two tests the differing horses in the top ten.

All hats off to Mark Arthur and his imported gelding and a deserved and popular win. Others to impress were French Open for Judith Smith a second in the 5.2, (14th in the 5.3) Millfield Dominique a 3rd in the 5.2 (13th in the 5.3) Jude for Sue Hearn in the 5.2. Borsato for Nicole Tough 3rd in the 5.3 (9th in the 5.3) Jazzari 4th in the 5.3 (8th in the other)

There were wonderful horses and right down the list there were great horses and yet the scores don’t seem to reflect the quality and the training but with the A level judges that were officiating here you would have to say that our standard is not what we are lead to believe if you go on the qualifying scores.

The Advanced class was strong with little trail towards the end of the field it was anyone’s game and the tide can turn quickly as was see with Mark Arthur so a few mistakes are so costly but tomorrow is another day and another chance at riding better!

Winners are Grinners and so they should be ..Judy Dierks and Vicki Newham, rider and ownerrespectively of Diamond Star a real winner!

The Inter I was also another strong class and saw Judith Dierks win on Diamond Star 5 2 2 5 1 and a great test with the ever positive Judith saying she felt sorry for Rodney Martin who’s horse SPH Sonata Hit had done a great test and then was eliminated for having blood in his mouth.  Minor nip of his lip or tongue and a drop of blood makes a salivary mouth pink and presents problems with the rules. So untimely but reality and poor Sonata hit eliminated. Don De Sandro was second for Mathew Dowsley with a 2 6 4 1 3. In third place it was Bellario and Deon Stokes with a 1 3 6 2 4 and then Stedinger and Gina Montgommery and the imported stallion in 4th with a 3 1 5 6 2. The winner on 69.34 %and then the 5th horse Furst Tyme for Nicole Tough on 68.5% and so less than a % separating the first 5!!! Some class and quality and very good riding.

 before his win

In the CDI Grand Prix it was Heath with a near unanimous win with 4 judges having him 1st and one in 4th!!!!!! OH anyway it was a great test and a well deserved win on 68.46%

Second to Umbro for Mary Hanna recently returned from a WEG performance and here a big difference in opinion….7 8 2 7 2  for a 66.86% third to Utolpian Cardinal for heath Ryan and two great horses in the Grandd Prix 8 2 5 8 3 for a 66.86%. 4th to Brett Parbery and DP Weltmeisser and a good job here for Brett with the black Weltmeyer gelding showing good improvement in the piaffe this time and with limited starts at this level it was a good job for a 66.84 …close!.

Brett and DP Weltmeisser and a great pirouette moment

Tango V and Caro Wagner 4 6 8 4 1!!  were next and the Remmington for Sue Hearn 2 5 4 5 7.

Remmington and Sue Hearn warming up

No question here that Sue is really starting to forge ahead in confidence with this super gelding and there were quite a few discrepancies here but its not the first time and it wont be the last time and this is why there is five judges as it evens out in the end.

A good class and interesting looking at the scores that’s for sure!

The CDN Grand Prix saw a win to Donna Bonita for Tor Van Den Berge and a score of 61.78% second to Waiiri and Manu Josz with a 61.58%and the great mare Adlanta Rose in third for Sara McDonald.

The medium Tour Inter B saw a win to Royal Oak 1 1 1 1 1 yeah unanimous and Deon Stokes from WA on a great 66.64% from Glogau the attractice QLD grey for Victoria Welch and then Tor and Lauries AS.

The Young rider saw Abbie Obrien on Rajahs Rave win on a 62.39 with a 1 6 1. Another interesting class where the placings were diverse but the end percentages close between the placegetter and a fine class.

The day was hot in the mid 30s and the competition fierce at all levels. It was a great day for dressage with such close and interesting placegeters showing a great improvement in the standard and depth of good horses and riding

Saturday is a huge day at SIEC culmination with the Grand Prix Freestyles in the evening.

By Roger Fitzhardinge

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