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Did you know horses can get rabies?

bay horse free from pexel


By Equestrian Life

A horse in North Carolina, America has died after contracting rabies and now a full investigation into the cause is underway.

The disease ‘rabies’ has been made infamous through films and stories for turning animals into ‘raging beasts’ – Old Yeller is a classic example.

But did you know that horses can also catch rabies and develop the same aggressive side effects?

According to The Charlotte Observer, a ‘rabid horse was at a farm in Cherryville in Gaston County, which is about 30 miles northwest of Charlotte’.

The infection was discovered after a vet was called to the property last week, but the horse has since died and is being examined at Griffin Animal Disease Lab Monroe.

The paper also reported the farm’s other horses are being given a rabies vaccination and are being observed.

But researchers are now trying to trace where the infection came from, with the disease being ‘uncommon’ in horses and a report by the University of Kentucky claiming around 30 to 60 cases of rabid horses occur each year in the U.S.


 Read the full article here in the April issue of Equestrian Life!



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