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Did you know that circadian lighting naturally enhances a horse’s performance?


Circadian lighting naturally enhances a horse’s performance

Did you know that environmental light is the most important cue influencing a horse’s mental and physical well-being? Like humans, horses need light for more than just vision. Special cells at the back of the eye respond to blue wavelengths of light. As sunlight is naturally high in blue light, this serves to regulate internal rhythms throughout the horse’s body. This system, called the circadian system, controls the activity of nearly every cell in the body, ensuring the body clock stays in tune with the daily light-dark cycles.
Exposure to the wrong kind of lighting at different times of day plays havoc with an animal’s circadian system causing it to flatline. The consequences of circadian disruption are well-known in humans and include sleep disturbances, low alertness, impaired performance, immune suppression, illness and disease. The key to well-being is strong internal rhythms driven by consistent exposure to biologically effective blue light by day and darkness or dim red light at night.

For stabled performance horses, lighting is particularly important. The equine industry has made amazing advances in nutritional science, veterinary medicine and training technologies, but until recently little attention was given to the level or quality of daily light a horse receives, or the important role it plays in ensuring optimal health, condition and behaviour. When feeding, training and veterinary care are optimized, the provision of the correct ‘biologically effective’ lighting allows the horse’s body to gain optimum nourishment, training responses, rest and tissue regeneration from their management program. Light may be the missing ingredient for many in the quest for training success.

The Equilume Stable Lighting System is a breakthrough in lighting technology that mimics natural daylight cycles for the stabled horse. It was scientifically developed to support and maintain the horse’s circadian system and immediately acts to influence health, performance and welfare by naturally strengthening the horse’s internal rhythms.

Equilume lighting.

The Equilume Stable Lighting System.

A vital component of the Equilume system is the blue-enriched daytime light that mimics the spectrum of natural daylight and boosts metabolism, alertness, appetite and helps reduce the growth of bacteria and fungi in stables. A second key feature is that the lights dim to red at night, which permits visibility for routine tasks but has been scientifically shown to minimise disruption to important hormone rhythms. The red light facilitates better rest and has a calming effect that helps with behavioural problems. Thirdly, gradual light transitions occur at dawn and dusk, mimicking sunrise and sunset and eliminating abrupt changes in lighting that causes stress to horses.

The system has custom programmes which automatically regulate seasonal changes in day-length such that performance capacity is optimized all year round. Horses experience spring sooner and autumn later, extending the season of peak performance and ensuring they put on muscle and are in the best possible skin throughout the year. Because circadian lighting influences humans just as powerfully, horses aren’t the only ones to benefit from this system - staff working in proximity to these lights will also have an added pep in their step.

From a management perspective, Equilume’s energy-saving LED technology means no more worrying about leaving the lights on, and overhead costs are reduced. The system’s ability to naturally enhance a horse’s health and strengthen the immune system will also cut down on vet bills during the season.

This lighting system is backed by science and trusted by equestrians worldwide. But don’t take our word for it, read what Equilume clients around the world have to say:

“We want the best for our horses and don’t want to miss out on a performance edge. The science behind Equilume makes so much sense and really helps my horses look and feel great so they can perform at their best.” Sam Watson, Ireland, International Event Rider


Equilume - Sam Watson.

Sam Watson.

“Within just 3 weeks I saw a remarkable improvement in my horse’s attitude and willingness to work.  I am excited about what benefits Equilume will have for all my horses.” Phillip Dutton, USA , International Event Rider


Equilume - Phillip Dutton.

“We have had superb results for the last few years using Equilume. The Light Masks work in many ways to produce super coats with a lot less rugging. They also stimulate muscle performance, all while helping to keep horses relaxed.  They make all the difference to producing horses at top level.”
Rochelle King-Andrews, Australia, Grand Prix Dressage Rider and Trainer

“Within 30 days of installing Equilume Stable Lights I noticed significant improvements in my horses’ coats.  Even in the summer months they looked much better under these lights than they did at the same time last year.  I also noticed a huge difference in the way the horses feel under saddle.  I am convinced that they are positively impacting my horses.”
Austin Shepard, USA, Cutting Horses,  NCHA Rider Hall of Fame, NCHA Futurity Champion

“I was amazed at the overall change in the horses after about six weeks under the Equilume Stable Lights, by the condition they were carrying and the way their coats looked.  We were quietly surprised how clean all the throats looked when we scoped them prior to shipping out to the sales, clear of pharyngitis, all mucus and guttural pouch infections. For me, who is sceptical of most things new, I found these Stable Lights to be one of the only new technologies that worked really well.”
Eddie Woods, USA, Leading Group 1 Consignor.

"The Equilume Stable Lights have made a real impact on the way we prepare our horses. They allowed us to control their daylight hours with quality lighting that helped us maintain their coats. In the Southern Highlands, where the weather and temperature can vary so much, we definitely appreciated having the lights in our barn! These lights are a valuable tool in helping us to keep our horses in top condition and health all year around.”
Karis Clarkson, Assistant Manager Milburn Creek Stud, NSW, Australia

“After consultation with our vets Cambridge Equine Hospital, and in particular Dr. Robert Hitchcock, we decided to install Equilume lighting in our new stallion barn, built during 2019.  Dr. Hitchcock said the results of testing from the Equilume lighting systems had been very positive and we had four stallions under these lights last year. 
We were very pleased with the returns from all stallions, but particularly our French shuttle stallion Almanzor and first season sire Embellish, both of whom covered books in excess of 140 mares and achieved pregnancy rates in the low 90’s after all testing was complete.”
Henry Plumptre, CEO, Cambridge Stud, NZ





This article was written in conjunction with Equilume.






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