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QUIZ: Do you know your eventing stars?

Shane Rose and CP Qualified drop in the water Photo Credit Arnd Bronkhorst

© Arnd Bronkhorst


By Equestrian Life

1. At just 35 years of age, I’ve already won three Olympic gold medals, two WEG gold medals and six European Championship gold medals. With my stable of stars including La Biosthetique Sam and FischerRocana, who am I?

2. A British event rider, I was the 1983 World Champion and also a two-time European Champion (1975 and 1977). When it comes to the British team, I’ve also won numerous medals over the years at WEG, the Europeans and the Olympics. One of my greatest achievements was a record six wins at Badminton Horse Trials... on six different horses. Who am I?

3. Still competing at the age of 61, I was voted International Rider of the 20th Century by the FEI. Winning gold medals at LA and Seoul Olympics, I also won individual bronze at Sydney and was part of thee medal winning New Zealand Teams. Who am I?

4. Although born ‘Down Under’, I began competing for the USA in 2006. With two Olympic gold medals to my name for my birth country, I also won Olympic bronze for America in 2016 with a horse called Mighty Nice. Who am I?


Matt Ryan and Tic Toc

Photo supplied.

5. The former husband of British royalty, I’m a leading figure in equestrian circles having won Olympic gold in the  ’70s before more recently making a name for myself as a cross country course designer. Who am I?

6. Growing up in a non-horsey family, I was born in 1949 in the USA. After leaving university to train full time with the United States Equestrian Team, I went on to represent my country and ultimately win two Olympic gold medals in ’76 and ’84. I am one of only two Americans to win Badminton Horse Trials… who am I?

7. Competing for Britain, I’ve ridden at six Olympics from 1992 to 2012, winning team silver in 2004 and 2012, and team bronze in 2008. I’m a winner at Badminton and Burghley, and also became the first person to win Kentucky on a homebred horse. Still competing, I now often find myself riding against my daughter! Who am I?

8. A well-known New Zealand rider, I’ve won Burghley Horse Trials five times — including three consecutive wins on one horse. I’ve won medals at WEG and the Olympics, and more recently scored a win at Badminton Horse Trials after 36 attempts. Who am I?

9. A triple Olympic gold medallist, I won individual gold at Barcelona with horse Kibah Tic Toc by just 1.2 penalties. I retired from competition in 2013, and my older brother is also well-known eventer and dressage rider. Who am I?


Mary King (GBR) riding Kings Temptress ©Kit Houghton

© Kit Houghton

10. Born in Sydney, I first represented Australia at the Young Rider Trans-Tasman Competition with Mr Joe Cool. I’m a duel Olympic medallist for Australia and my most recent Olympic equine partner was a loveable grey. Who am I?

11. A European based event rider, I’ve competed at five Olympic Games and been a part of two gold medal-winning teams. More recently, I won a team silver medal at the Rio Olympics with Horseware Hale Bob, the horse with whom I was later crowned European Eventing Champion in 2017. As the daughter of a world-renowned dressage rider and trainer, I’ve also competed successfully in straight dressage competitions at international level. Who am I?


Mark Todd (NZL) and Campino (Final)-9895

© Franz Venhaus

12. Born in 1959 I have competed at seven Olympic games in the discipline of eventing, winning three gold medals and a silver medal in the process. I partnered with Warmblood X Thoroughbred Darien Powers for two of these gold medals. Who am I?

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1. Michael Jung 2. Lucinda Green 3. Sir Mark Todd 4. Phillip Dutton 5. Captain Mark Phillips 6. Bruce Davidson (Sr.) 7. Mary King 8. Andrew Nicholson 9. Matthew Ryan 10. Shane Rose 11. Ingrid Klimke 12. Andrew Hoy

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