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Maree Tomkinson and Diamantina (Photo credit Roger Fitzhardinge)

Maree Tomkinson and the incredible Diamantina

 © Roger Fitzhardinge 


Entries to Equestrian Life’s third and final leg of the Virtual Spring Dressage Series are now open! The December Competition, which will be the last event for the year, will be running through the Equestrian Australia ‘C’ tests, from Preliminary through to Advanced. 


The Virtual Spring Dressage Series has been brought to you by joint-principal event sponsors, Barastoc and Interpath, as well as supporting sponsor, RB Sellars. We are extremely grateful for their continued support of Equestrian Life, and the Virtual Spring Dressage Series. 


So why enter into the final leg of Equestrian Life’s Virtual Spring Dressage Series?


Those that enter into the competition will receive insightful and professional feedback from dressage expert, Roger Fitzhardige, and will also receive their scoresheet and submitted video back, with all of Roger’s comments and feedback in the background. 


Once the entries have officially closed, and all of the footage has been received, Equestrian Life will stream the tests via Equestrian Life’s Live TV and Facebook page, with Roger’s comments and judging carried out in ‘real-time’, as the stream goes live. 


Competitors are also welcome to have their tests judged as ‘feedback only’, meaning their tests won’t feature on the live stream, but don’t worry, these riders will still receive their score sheet back with Roger’s comments and feedback, they just won’t feature on EQ Life’s Facebook or Live TV page! 


As well as fantastic feedback, competitors have the opportunity to win some seriously great prizes. Some of these include the following:


$100 RB Sellars gift voucher to the first place compbinations, in each of the five classes.

$50 Stride Equestrian gift voucher to the reserve-champion combinations, in each of the five classes.


Boutique Equines SD Design Polished Look package will be awarded to the a particularly polished combination, so don’t forget to look your best when filming your test! Boutique Equines will also be awarding a $250 fit voucher to a polished combination, who has competed in all three legs of the series, with the winner being ultimately chosen by Equestrian Life’s Facebook community, by vote! 


One-on-one training session with dressage superstar Simone Pearce


Roger Fitzhardinge will be selecting one rider at the end of the second and third leg of the Virtual Spring Dressage Series to have a one-on-one session, with Australian Grand Prix superstar, Simone Pearce.


The winner of this prize will be awarded to someone who demonstrates great ability, and who possesses a thorough understanding of the dressage principles. 


There are also some terrific overall series prizes, which will be awarded at the end of the Virtual Spring Dressage Series. These include the following:


Weekend Getaway for Two

The winner of this prize will have the opportunity to visit the Tannery, which is a gorgeous Bed and Breakfast in Mudgee, New South Wales, for two nights! This lovely holiday includes breakfast, wine and a private wine tasting at Craigmoor!

Lunch for Two

This wonderful prize will be awarded to a combination that has the most potential to climb the grades to Grand Prix. The lucky recipient will have the opportunity to have a gorgeous lunch with one other person at the Deckhouse at Woolwich, as well as a tour of WOX11

A Mixed Dozen Box of Wine

This prize will be awarded to the combination that has shown a considerable amount of improvement, over the course of the Virtual Winter Series. 

If you would like to be included in Equestrian Life’s final virtual competition for the year, make sure you register and submit your entries before the 6th of December. 


You can register, and find out more information on how to enter here. 


You can also find out more information about the terrific prizes on offer here.



You can watch past competitions via Equestrian Life’s Facebook page here 


Happy riding! 





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