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Don’t miss tonight’s final livestream of EQ Life’s Virtual September Competition!

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Equestrian Life’s coverage of the Virtual September Competition, which is brought to you by prize sponsor Boutique Equines and supporting sponsor Hygain will be streamed via EQ Life’s Facebook and Live TV page tonight from 7:00pm AEDT. 

Tonight’s stream will feature the Novice 2B, Elementary 3B, and Medium 4B classes, after the Preliminary 1B class was judged last night.

Each class winner will receive a $50 Boutique Equines gift voucher to be spent on the SD Design brand!

Plus, the best presented combination from the competition will receive the Boutique Equines Polished Look prize!

Tonight’s draw: 

Novice 2B

1.   Kathy Lewis and Everton Waltz         

2.   Lucy Chapman and Misty

3.   Megan Bryant and Stellinger MBE   

4.   Serena Middleton and Winchester    

5.   Kathleen Tomkinson Mullan and Sanskrit Park Alliance       

6.   Vanessa Baker and Southern Cross Nova                   

7.   Paige Eastgate and Bamborough Disco         

8.   Zoe Weinberg and Heist        

9.   Dallas Mills and Sorrella Sunrise        

10.  Megan Gerigk and Tilly-Tubby           

11.  Emma Thomerson and Fopke fan Wildcroft 

12.  Susan Madden and Teachest 


Elementary 3B

13.  Lynette Ward and Sancinatti 

14.  Jennifer Mereki and Alegrado

15.  Dallas Mills and Mellizo Park Royal M           

16.  Jenny Hagan and Hercules    

17.  Susan Madden and Teachest 


Medium 4B

18.  Clair Arnold and Fawks Crocodile Rock         

19.  Jennifer Mereki and Alegrado


You can tune in via the following two platforms: 

Equestrian Life’s Facebook page 

Equestrian Life’s Live TV page 


Make sure you tune in tonight from 7:00pm AEDT and tomorrow to watch your test, learn from others and hear what Roger Fitzhardinge has to say! 

Equestrian Life’s Virtual September Competition is proudly brought to you by supporting sponsors Boutique Equines and Hygain. We couldn’t hold these virtual competitions without their support, so we are extremely grateful for their ongoing support of Equestrian Life and the virtual competitions. 


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