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Dressage & Jumping with the Stars: Day three


Katherine Farrell and Luxor 118 came 5th in the Intermediate II class - © Roger Fitzhardinge

Katherine Farrell and Luxor 118.

© Roger Fitzhardinge


Today saw a variety of classes, including the Grand Prix Freestyle, the five-year-old, six-year-old and seven-year-old young horse championship classes and the announcement of the Jumping and dressage Champion of Champions.



Dressage Champion of Champions


Brett Parbery and Willinga Park Emotion were crowned the 2019 PSI Dressage and Jumping with the stars dressage Champion of Champions. The champion young horse class consisted of Jayden Brown and Bertone, Karen Blythe and Sonik K, Alexis Hellyer And Bluefields Doris Day and of course, Brett Parbery and Willinga Park Emotion. Congratulations Brett!


Jumping Champion of Champions 


Combinations in the Jumping Champion of Champions class included the 4-year-old champion, Phillip Lever and JMH Venitas, the 5-year-old champion Jamie Kermond and Wild Kard, the 6-year-old champion Frida Lindgren and Lomachenko and the 7-year-old champion, Jamie Kermond and Ciel. 


The PSI Dressage and Jumping with the stars Jumping Champion of Champions was awarded to Jamie Kermond and Ciel. Congratulations Jamie! 


Grand Prix Freestyle


The FEI Grand Prix Freestyle CDI-W class, which was the final class of the day saw some lovely tests. First up in the Grand Prix Freestyle was Melinda Hart and Richmond H. The duo received a total score of 64.390%. Up next was Louise Curran and the beautiful grey, Cil Dara Gandalf. Louise and Gandalf received a total score of 64.690%. Holly Cutler and Diva Royale followed behind, and received a total score of 55.485%. Holly’s test had a few mistakes, which unfortunately brought their total score down. Susan Elekessy and Don Rubin produced a lovely test, and received a total score of 65.150% Fiona Selby and Tacita received a total score of 66.705%. Up next was Dirk Dijkstra riding the stunning 18-year-old stallion, AEA Metallic. The duo received a total score of 67.720%. Pauline Carnovale and Urestan received a total score of 67.030%. The next rider into the arena was Maree Tomkinson and DMJ Donna Elena. Maree received a total score of 65.395%. The final combination in the Grand Prix Freestyle was Katherine Farrell and Luxor 118. Katherine rode a lovely test and received a strong total score of 67.725%, which placed them in first position! 


Congratulations to Katherine Farrell and Luxor 118 for winning the Grand Prix Freestyle! 



Six-year-old Young Horse class


First in the six-year-old class today was Katrina Bolmat and Staughton Vale Belmiro, by Belmiro by Bellissimo x Fidertanz. This tall and leggy chestnut has a lot to like but the judges saw a lack of balance at this stage but were complimentary of his type and way of going for 75.6%

Sara McDonald and her own bred Metallic mare, Adlanta Marcella were next. This is a very rhythmical mare and pretty headed with plenty of power. Perhaps she could be a little more responsive to the rider and a little lighter in her carriage but this is also a mare with a good attitude and plenty of power. The first change had two goes at it, and the next one was super. The canter still lacks collection and balance at this stage, which resulted in some mistakes in the changes. Adlanta Marcella is a good mare for the sport and the future. The judges felt she was a little sensitive. They like the forward desire but better balance in the canter. 

MI Aber Sienna and Riley Alexander. This mare is by the Mulewa stallion, Aber Halo out of Sugarloaf Sahara. Sahara was herself champion of champions here, and what a great competitor and now producer. The trot is elegant and up in the neck. The canter tended to be a little tight over the back, and the hind legs seemed a bit together. There also appeared to have been some mistakes in the changes as well. The tension today caused an overall lack of marks for this combination. Despite some mistakes, the submission mark was still an 8. 

A crowd favourite is the Danielle French ridden Sir Donnerhall gelding, Hollands bend Skyfall, and what an outstanding horse, with a serious uphill way of going and an outstanding canter! The trot received a 7.9 as the collection lacked the cadence, and seemed to be a little flat to the ground at times. The changes were great, and the transitions were clean. There was a shy in the walk pirouettes, and the judges were perhaps a little tight here, considering their positive comments.

We have Iresias L owned by sahara hanslow and ridden by Gina Montgomery, who found this horse in Holland for the owner. The judges liked the trot, and gave Gina an 8.5. The walk received only an 8. The stallion gave the best showing and tried hard to please. The walk pirouettes were of a high quality, as were all the changes, as well as the medium canter!

Maree and the Furstinball stallion Furst Deluxe X Rosario. A seriously handsome stallion and with three good paces. the judges wanted to see a little more adjustability, as the hind legs seemed to have lacked elasticity. It looked as though he was a little against the bridle at times, but a lot rounder than last year and appears to progressing well. Especially as he is behind the Australian horses due to the northern hemisphere age difference in age, as he was imported from Germany. 

The final horse of the class was Bertone by Benicia, and what a star indeed! The judges were impressed by the Lauren George imported horse and gave Bertone a 9 for the canter, despite the changed not all being in balance, and the change being slightly late. The walk could have perhaps shown a clearer difference in the strides and rhythm. Bertone received a 8.6 for the walk. This horse was a great win for Lauren George, and what a truly beautiful horse, and was well ridden indeed by Jayden Brown, showing all his experience and ability and for sure working with horses such as Mount St John would for sure help with Jayden’s feeling. Jayden’s competition skills in the arena were fantastic. A great win for Jayden, and Bertone truly is a seriously great horse for the future indeed. 

Well done to the owners, breeders, the trainers and riders! It is a truly rounded group to get horses to this amazing stage. Impressive indeed! Jayden and Bertone received a total score of 84.600%. Gina Montgomery received a total score of 81.200&%, and third place was awarded to Riley Alexander with a  total score of 79.000%. Great scores and well done. 

Therese Nilshagen mastserclass

Therese Nilshagen gave a masterclass on behalf of PSI. Her way of communicating with the rider and the horse was absolutely beautiful in so many levels. The simplicity and the way that she explained the warm up right the way through from preliminary to Grand Prix and the way Therese made her point in encouraging a happy healthy and well trained horse and her masterclass was so well rounded. Not just about the half halt but about the mental stability and physical well being of the total dressage horse.

Her principles are so crystal clear and uncomplicated and it was so great to see her work with three good horses. She was calm and positive throughout the entire demonstration. 

Her ability to communicate is even clearer when you realise she specialises in the riding of the young and breeding stallions. She is diminutive, and shows that riding is not about strength, but about understanding and being empathetic and respectful. Determination, continuity and timing are all crucial. Strength is not so important at all. 

Therese is passionate and interesting, and her horse Dante Weltino is one of THE up and coming horses on the international circuit and continues to improve as her logical progressive teaching shows us.

This was a seriously delightful, interesting honest and passionate masterclass equal to any, if not better. She has a fantastic story.


To view the live stream from today, click here! 

To view the results from today, please click here! 


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