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EQ Life April magazine: 23 shoulder-in exercises to improve your horse

Shane Rose and CP Qualified shoulder-in © Roger Fitzhardinge

Shane Rose and CP Qualified perform shoulder-in

© Roger Fitzhardinge


23 Shoulder-in exercises to improve your horse 

By Dr Kerry Mack

From helping a horse to relax, to improving balance and suppleness, making it straight or teaching it to understand the inside leg to outside rein, there are endless ways to use the shoulder-in to better train your horse.

Dressage is training for suppleness, balance and obedience. So, dressage training helps prepare any horse for a good and useful life. As Tom Roberts said, a well-trained horse has a good life.

One of the most useful exercises to improve balance and suppleness is the shoulder-in. Invented by François Robichon de La Guérinière, the importance of the shoulder-in has been highlighted by recent scientific studies that show that horses will become more relaxed when you bend their bodies by putting them into the shoulder-in. You can read a previous article about this here (‘A Relaxed Horse is a Happy Horse’, Equestrian Life July 2020). But now I would like to give you some examples of how you can use the shoulder-in in a range of different exercises to help the gymnastics of your horse, whatever your discipline...


Read the full article here in the April issue of Equestrian Life!





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