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EQ Life January magazine: Courageous Kiwi blazes her own trail (Part 6)

The Sydney Paralympic equestrian team

Carolyn Lieutenant with the Australian para equestrian team at the Sydney 2000 Olympics


Courageous Kiwi blazes her own trail (part 6) 

By Roger Fitzhardinge

Taking on the role of national coach of the Australian para-equestrian team not only proved to be yet another surprise turn in the adventures of Carolyn Lieutenant, but also was to be a most inspiring and life-fulfilling role for her.

Carolyn Lieutenant’s good friend Judy Cubitt had persuaded Carolyn in 1997 to take on the job as the coach of the fledgling Australian para equestrian team. With an eye on the coming Sydney 2000 Olympics, Australia needed to build up a strong para equestrian team for the Paralympics, and Judy knew Carolyn had all the discipline and attributes required.

Carolyn was hesitant at first, but after a whirlwind tour of overseas para equestrian competitions, she agreed to take on the role. “This was the most inspiring time of my life,” says Carolyn. “I was always coaching, judging and riding and competing in my own able-bodied world, never thinking that there was a group of such talented people and riders as I came across in the para equestrian movement. It was a new world of dressage for me. The riders, with their will and attitude and exceptional courage, all took it on with positivity and enthusiasm that made me feel somewhat humble, lucky and proud all at the same time. It was a real insight into elite riders.”

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