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EQ Life January magazine: Hidden treasure of Diamond Beach

Dianne and Khalif, of Seahorse Diamond Beach, galloping along back beach. © Seahorse Diamond Beach

Dianne and Khalif, of Sea Horse Diamond Beach, galloping along back beach.

© Sea Horse Diamond Beach


Hidden treasure of Diamond Beach

By Melissa Rimac

Imagine cantering along an empty, outstretched beach, taking your horse to a café for your morning fix, and then heading back to what feels like your own private resort to lounge by the pool.

These are just some of the indulgences that await you at Diamond Beach on the NSW Mid-North Coast. At Diamond Beach, the crystalline water sparkles vividly and a lacework of alluring aquamarine pools fringe the shore. Sometimes the dolphins come in really close for a frolic; other times, you can almost make out the feather features on the sea eagles.

As we jogged north towards the lagoon that edges Saltwater National Park, we moved through plumes of tangy sea mist. This is a beach that stretches on, and blissfully further on, for almost 7km. A bird-rich swathe of coastal heather forms the backdrop and, for much of the year, the only footprints in the sand are likely to be your own.

All the ingredients for an escapist beach break feature in abundance here, however, there’s a trump card that makes Diamond Beach really shine: this is a place to live out daydreams of riding along a beautiful beach to your heart’s content.

As one of the rare beaches that are 24/7 horse and dog friendly (with the wilderness vibe unhampered by pesky four-wheel drives!) – it is not at all a stretch to refer to Diamond Beach as a true gem...

Read the full article here in the January issue of Equestrian Life!




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