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EQ Life January magazine: Maizy lands on her feet in new role

Mareeza Brown and Lou Abey © Racing Victoria

Mareeza Brown and Racing Victoria Acknowledged Retrainer, Lou Abey

© Racing Victoria



"Maizy" lands on her feet in new role   

By Amanda Young   

Mareeza Brown’s journey – from scruffy, unwanted off-the-tracker to adored and pampered city-dwelling steed – is a rags to riches tale that shows what can be achieved when expertise, patience, compassion and belief in a horse combine.

“A chestnut mare with a bit of a white wild eye that hasn’t been ridden for a couple of years… yikes!” Such was Lou Abey’s first impression when Mareeza Brown arrived at her property for retraining. In paddock condition with a rough winter coat, some superficial cuts, unkept hooves and a mane that came down past her shoulders, it was hard to see the diamond in the rough as she cast her eyes over the anxious young mare.

"I had spoken to her owner and trainer Martin Gray, who told me she was spooky, shied a bit, pulled back for the farrier and could get hot,” Lou explains. A Racing Victoria Acknowledged Retrainer, Lou was about to commence 12 weeks of retraining with Mareeza Brown as part of RV’s RESET program, a new pathway for Victorian thoroughbreds that have struggled to find the right home following the conclusion of their racing career...

Read the full article here in the January issue of Equestrian Life!






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