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EQ Life October magazine: Highclere Racing delivers a change of pace

Lord Belvedere © Highclere Racing

Lord Belvedere is a possible Melbourne Cup starter for Highclere Racing 


Highclere Racing delivers a change of pace

By Adele Severs

Competing at the highest level in sport is beyond the imaginations of many. However, Highclere Racing is making it a reality in the sport of kings. The British-based business has a rich history and a bright future — part of which it hopes will include Melbourne Cup success.

The Honourable Harry Herbert’s first hands-on experience with Australian racing could well have seen him run the other way. Walking into a room to give an after-dinner speech during the 2003 Melbourne Cup Carnival, he expected to be speaking with a small group of sporting enthusiasts at the Carbine Club. “Little did I know I’d be talking to 1200 inebriated Aussie men! Really scary, but a fun experience nonetheless!” he laughs. Harry explains that the Cup carnival and its extraordinary build-up were unlike anything he’d ever seen before. There’s no doubt that an Aussie day at the races has its points of difference to racing at Royal Ascot. Harry loved what he saw, and he knew from that moment that his British-based business, Highclere Racing, had to get involved in “the race that stops a nation”.

Harry started Highclere Racing in 1992, following a lengthy stint in Kentucky. After working for various different technology companies involved in the racing industry, as well as the management side of turf festivals, he met a guy by the name of Clarke Campbell, who was running a racehorse syndication company unlike any Harry had come across before. “Syndicate was a really dodgy word back then; everything that was unprofessional was done via syndicates!” he explains. Harry observed that there was another way to go about it — and decided to bring that back to Europe.


Read the full article in the October issue of Equestrian Life magazine here.




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