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EQ Life October magazine: Jarrah departs but the music continues

Rozzie Ryan and Jarrah R won the Grand Prix CDI-W Freestyle. © Roger Fitzhardinge

Rozzie Ryan and Jarrah R. 

© Roger Fitzhardinge


Jarrah departs but the music continues

By Roger Fitzhardinge

It feels like the end of an of era with Rozzie Ryan’s Grand Prix mainstay Jarrah R about to set sail for England, however with sire Jive Magic’s lineage still going strong here in Australia, the journey continues.

If he could tell it himself, Jarrah’s story might be even more fascinating than the enthralling yet heart-wrenching tale as related truthfully by his devoted carer, eventual trainer and mentor, Rozzie Ryan.

Jarrah R’s story is one to behold. He competed at 29 CDIs in Australia and won the Pacific League World Cup Final to become eligible to represent the league in 2019 at Gothenburg. His personality is another story...

Remember that Jarrah R was by Rozzie Ryan’s most favourite stallion, Jive Magic. Jarrah, being by Jive out Samphire (who is out of Lilac), needed a name beginning with ‘J’ for Jive and a flora name from the Lilac line. When they chose Jarrah, little did they know how appropriate the name was going to be!

Jarrah, the timber, is a Swan River mahogany from the myrtle family. It is a stunning, liver-brown colour, very sturdy and resilient. It is one of the most solid citizens in the timber family and is admired locally and internationally for its character and strength.



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