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EQ Life October magazine: Spring into action

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Spring into action

By EQ Life

Spring is a period of change in Australia. As the weather continues to warm, there are a number of ways we can ensure our horses are in peak health come summer — from paddock management, parasite control and insect protection, through to rugging, good hydration and ensuring we’re equipped to identify the signs of heat stress.

With spring well and truly in full swing, now is the time to prepare our horses for the warmer months ahead. Here, we cover six ways you can help to ensure your horse will be happy and healthy for summer.


Late spring into early summer is a period of transition for pasture where lush spring growth begins to mature, before eventually going to seed and browning off. Mature pasture is safer for horses prone to laminitis and metabolic issues, as it contains a lower level of non-structural carbohydrates (NSC) in comparison to fresh spring growth. Grasses store energy in the lower parts of the plant, so when pasture begins producing longer stems and seed heads, it’s generally considered safer for at-risk horses.

However, just because we are midway through spring doesn’t mean it is time to open the gate and throw away the grazing muzzle completely. Rain events in late spring and early summer still have the potential to bring about a flush of fresh, green undergrowth that can create issues — so be sure to monitor pasture carefully during this period and manage at-risk horses accordingly...


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