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EQ Life September magazine: How Diamond B produces its gems

Amanda Madigan is part of the team at Diamond B.

Amanda Madigan is part of the team at Diamond B Farm.


How Diamond B produces its gems

By Roger Fitzhardinge

There is no better place to start when producing international showjumpers from Australia than at Diamond B Farm. It has a proven combination of expertise, breeding and genetics through to foaling-down, weaning, breaking-in and young horse training.

Under Helen Chugg’s guidance, Diamond B has established a well-worn road to Grand Prix and international careers, a path trodden by the likes of Vivant, Conquistador, Sky High, Scandal, Colthaga, Kayak van het Gravenhof, Baluga, Alondra, Vigo, and now Diamond B Vivienne, to name a few. The successes are due to a combination of Helen’s experience, Amanda Madigan’s skills, and now Craig Weeding’s magic touch at breaking in the babies.

Chris and Helen Chugg enjoyed a very successful career in show jumping after they established Diamond B at Freemans Reach in the Hawkesbury area in 1985. Chris’s exploits on the world stage are legendary, many on their own bred horses. Helen’s breeding successes have proved equally legendary, beginning with off-the-track thoroughbreds and moving into warmbloods. With all her trips to World Cups, Olympics and World Equestrian Games, Helen quietly became an international expert in breeding top sport horses, especially showjumpers.

Enter another member of the Diamond B team in Amanda Madigan. Amanda’s rounded horsewoman skills and inner strength to succeed make her the ideal rider to complement Helen’s breeding and rearing expertise. From breaking to dressage, eventing and show jumping — and having had help along the way from people such as Fiona John, Nadine Merewether, Ann Battley, and her idol George Morris — Amanda’s empathy for horses and their ability to perform has proved indispensable....


Read the full article in the September issue of Equestrian Life magazine here.




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