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Eventers and Para-Equestrians Ride as One

Eventing at Sydney Sydney International Horse Trials © Stephen Mowbray

Eventing at Sydney Sydney International Horse Trials

© Stephen Mowbray


Event riders and Para-Equestrian athletes vying for Tokyo 2020 team selection will ride side-by-side at Sydney International Horse Trials on 25th - 28th April 2019.

Sydney International Horse Trials will play host to not one qualifying event for Tokyo 2020, but two, combining qualification opportunities for riders from both Olympic and Paralympic disciplines.

For the first time in Australia a CPEDI will be run in conjunction with a major International three-day event. This will allow Para-Equestrian combinations to gain greater exposure to a busy atmosphere and the large crowds that are attracted to major events. This will help all athletes better prepare for milestone occasions such as a Paralympic Games.

The Sydney CPEDI is the first International qualifying event in the Oceania region that will count towards a team ranking on the FEI Paralympic Ranking List. The event is also the first opportunity for riders to attain their minimum eligibility score of 62% at a CPEDI event, which will put them on the path for potential Paralympic team selection.

An invitation has also been extended to host teams from New Zealand and Hong Kong who are seeking Paralympic team qualifications for Tokyo 2020. The addition of international teams will afford all athletes the opportunity to compete against new horse and rider combinations from other Region XIII Nations, as well as encourage friendly competition.

This incredible feat would not be possible without the ongoing support of the Sydney International Horse Trials organising committee, and the eventing community. Sydney International Horse Trials have extended their program specifically to incorporate the Para-Equestrian selection event and support the athletes in their Paralympic dreams.

“We are happy to support Para-Equestrian athletes at Sydney International Horse Trials this year by conducting a qualification event in conjunction with the horse trials. We are pleased to be able to give the riders an opportunity to compete at an event with large participant numbers, where we are perhaps able to replicate some of the atmosphere they might encounter at Championship or Olympic level. We wish all competitors, both Para-Equestrian and Eventers, good luck for the upcoming event” said event director, Shane Rose.

Entries for the Sydney International Horse Trials are now open. To enter click here.

Source: Equestrian Australia




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