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BLOG: Everyone is winding down…Emma is winding up!

Emma Pidgeon ©Paul Smith Photography

Emma Pidgeon.

© Paul Smith Photography


By Emma Pidgeon

While everyone else is finishing up for the year and putting horses away for a break… I’m just getting warmed up. My horses have taken a bit of a back seat for the last 4 months; I’ve finished up with pony club (Mackay North PC) as a junior rider and am now finding my place at the big kids’ table. I’ve been working in an organising/coaching capacity for a few years now, but usually with the intention of running events I can ride at.

I’m not intending to just run away from it all, however tempting that might be. Now is my turn to give back to the organisation that has given me so much. As a rider, I will be turning my hand to some EA events in 2017 and giving that a good crack. As a through and through pony clubber I’ll continue doing what I do. We have a cross country course that will be ready to roll by mid-December. It has been a long time coming, riders from this region have had no choice but to travel at least three hours to get to a course. Everyone is very excited by this evolution of our club.


Emma Pidgeon November Blog

Enjoying the snow in Queenstown.


I have also taken on the role of managing the PR for the Pony Club Nationals being hosted by Queensland in 2017. It is the first time since 2007 that Nationals will be in Queensland so it is very exciting. It is however, scheduled for 2 weeks after my wedding. Luckily my dear husband-to-be does not read my blogs as I have not yet told him about this extra little job. *oops* It will be a privilege to be involved in such an event.

I have just returned from a cross country CD and TD clinic held at Fig Tree Pocket Equestrian Centre in Queensland. It was run by Des Hughes and Ewan Kellet, organised by Lisa Mortlock; what an inspiring weekend! I’d never been to the venue at Fig Tree Pocket, so that was exciting to start with. There was about 30 or so participants and we all learnt so much. We had some entertaining group discussions as well! I have already marked the July FTP ODE in my calendar, and will definitely be returning for that one.


Saddleworld Web Advert November 2016


We just recently went to New Zealand on holidays. I feel like that deserves a mention as well. We stayed in Queenstown for 7 nights, and got to be there for the unseasonable late snow. Neither Mat nor I had ever seen snow before so it was very magical to be walking home at night with snow falling on our heads. I may have shown some of my competitive nature in the Luge rides… so much fun! It was amazing to get away and have a break, a real holiday, a holiday that doesn’t consist of highways, floats, showgrounds and horse poo haha.


Emma Pidgeon November Blog

Emma and Mat attending a wedding in New Zealand.


Emma Pidgeon November Blog

Luge rides in Queenstown.


As the year end nears, we’re busy making Christmas plans. I’m setting some goals for 2017 and putting together a Summer fitness schedule. The arena lights mean I will not have to ride in the worst of the heat, although riding in the early mornings would be ideal, I just can’t be trusted to do that. I know myself well-enough now, that I no longer trust myself to wake up early, no matter how well-intentioned it is!

Good luck for Christmas to everyone and enjoy the break.


Photos courtesy of Emma Pidgeon.





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