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FEI buries WEG’s famous showjumping ‘final of four’ with horse rotation

Edwina Alexander and Ego van Orti (AUS)

Edwina Alexander and Ego van Orti competing at WEG, 2014. 

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Although the FEI haven’t directly mentioned it, they have updated their ‘Rules for the Jumping Championships and Games’ as part of wider rules changes across all Olympic disciplines. 

The updated rules will see the famous ‘final of four’ - which includes horse rotation between riders - removed from the WEG showjumping format. 

The showjumping format has been altered from start to finish:

* There will no longer be a first round - instead, the showjumping will start with the team competition.

* The team competition will be conducted over two rounds, across two days - the first round is for team and individual competitors, the second round is open to the ten best teams after the first round, as well as the top 60 placed combinations. 

* After a rest day, the individual competition is held over two different successive courses.

* Round A is compulsory for the 25 best placed combinations. in line with cumulative penalties over both rounds of the team competition.

* Round B is open to the top 12 combinations according to cumulative penalties over the two rounds of team competition and Round A of the individual competition. 

* The rider with the lowest score across all rounds is crowed World Champion; in the event of a tie, a jump-off will take place. 

These format changes will be used at WEG 2017 in Tryon. 

Information sourced from World of Showjumping.







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