Equestrian Life
Goal Achieved!
By Natasha Althoff
I am so excited to be writing this, as tomorrow I achieve one of my 90 day goals and go off to compete in DJWTS! It is my first Grand Prix CDI since DJWTS last year, and I am just so happy to again be part of such a great event!
To be honest Abe has felt better, and I thought after 13 weeks since giving birth I would be in better shape as well! But whatever happens, I am focussing on the joy and the honour of qualifying, being part of it, and no matter what doing our best effort on the day. There will be a lot to think about, a lot to remember. I need to focus on riding each movement as if the test was just that movement alone. I need to focus not just on getting 'through' each movement but actually doing the best version of that movement we can possibly do. I need to make sure I don't override and ride like a nuf-nuf! That I stay in the moment and trust him and myself - that what I ask will be obeyed. I need to focus on being accurate, still, flowing - I need to make sure the basics - him in front of the leg and willing and forward is there, because honestly if we have that we have it all!
I know a lot of you are going to the event so make sure you come and say hello and I wish you, the rest of the competitors, the organisers and everyone else associated with the event, a happy, successful time!!!!!
Looking forward to letting you know how it all goes next week!!!!
To Your Success!
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