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HARCOUR AUSTRALIA – Supporting the next generation of polocrosse stars


Australian Polocrosse Team 1

Australian Under 21 Polocrosse Team


Polocrosse is fast, it’s exciting and it’s thrilling to watch and to play! Regularly described as lacrosse on horseback, players carry a racquet and work with their team to score goals at each end of the field.

A high level of horsemanship, determination commitment is required to play, although this is not an issue for most players who couldn’t imagine a life without the game! Countless hours are spent refining racquet skills, building horse and rider fitness, discussing team tactics and preparing for carnivals. All of this requires practical knowledge, a willingness to put the hard yards in and the right gear for the job.

This is where Harcour arrives!

While the majority of matches are played at club level, there are opportunities for national and international competition. Squads are selected, provided with coaching and from that group, Australian Teams are selected.

The Australian Polocrosse Intermediate Squad represents the future of the game. These are the brightest young stars and the players that are hoping to one day represent Australia at senior level. They are talented, determined and aiming for more! Exactly what Harcour represents!

The 2017 Australian Polocrosse Intermediate Squad were presented with Harcour Jackets at the recent Sydney Polocrosse Club Carnival. Their jackets are performance designed, waterproof and will let them train at their best.

Next on the cards is 2017 All Australian Team Selection. We can’t wait to see which players make the team! We are proud to sponsor the squad and the opportunities it provides to the next generation.


Australian Polocrosse Team 2
Australian Under 21 Polocrosse Team sponsored by Harcour


Harcour is available through selected stores in Australian and New Zealand.

Find your nearest stockist at www.harcour.com.au





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