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Help support Janina Kletke

Janina Kletke and Bluefields Floreno © Heather Frank

Janina Kletke and Bluefields Floreno

© Heather Frank

In the early hours of Monday March 4th Janina Kletke responded to a phone call asking if she could rescue 4 horses with her truck from a near burnt out property in Garfield North. After being escorted to the property by a CFA crew, Janina was involved in an accident whilst loading the 4th horse. As a result she sustained a head injury and has been kept in the ICU in an induced coma fighting for her life.

As such a respected horse woman in our community, we really need to call on you to aid in her long road ahead. This is to ensure she has accessibility to the best medical care and also to keep her farm running, as the welfare of her animals would be paramount to Janina.

To support Janina Kletke’s family and friend’s campaign, please click here.


Shaun Dillon and the Baroona Team will also be running a ‘’Jump 4 Janina Clinic” this Saturday from 8am at the Baroona Sport Horses Complex in Camden. All proceeds will go to Janina and her family. To enter, please click here.

For more information on this clinic, please click here.

Our thoughts are with Janina and her family, and we wish her a speedy recovery.




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