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How to dress like a boss in the equestrian world


Willow Beast 1


The equestrian world too often gets a bad rap for being a lame sport with even lamer clothing. And let’s face it, sometimes that is rightly so. If you have ever felt complacent about how uninspired equestrian clothing is, do yourself a favour and check out new kids on the block, Willow Beast.

Recent months have seen this fresh new brand emerge in the equestrian clothing market and they are offering a range actually worth getting excited about. Best described as surf inspired equestrian clothing, Willow Beast have managed to develop a range that offers something trendy and interesting whilst remaining professional.


Willow Beast 2


Despite it still only being early days for this young Tasmanian designer, quality and detail has not been forgotten. The stand out product from Willow Beast is the incredibly unique cross country tops.


Willow Beast 3


Made from high quality, breathable sports fabric, there is a large selection of really distinctive, boho patterns available. The best thing is, most of the tops are made custom made and only a limited amount of each pattern is available, meaning that buyers can feel confident that they are going to be looking unique and feeling dapper out on course.

Willow Beast stock a really beautiful range of competition shirts across a selection of five bizarrely pleasing colourways.


Willow Beast 4


Not to be overlooked are Willow Beasts casual range which really set the scene for the brand. The singlets, long sleeve tops and beanies offer an almost surfer skater vibe.


Willow Beast 5


It’s clear that Willow Beast are striving to break the horse riding stereo type by creating a range of clothing that equestrian riders can be stoked to wear both in the arena and down the street. Whilst it is still early days for Willow Beast, these guys are definitely a brand to keep your eyes on. We predict some exciting things in the works for this up and comer.

Be sure to check them out - www.willowbeast.com/






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