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Hurricane Florence predicted to hit hard

Hurricane Florence © National Hurricane Center

Hurricane Florence

© National Hurricane Center


The category 3 hurricane is predicted to hit US east cost, along the southern and northern parts of North Carolina around Friday morning, Australian time. With winds up to 200 kilometres per hour, the hurricane is expected to bring copious amounts of rainfall, flash flooding, intense winds and the possibility of mudslides.

Over one million people have been asked to evacuate their homes before the deadly hurricane hits, with the North Carolina Governor, Roy Cooper asking residents to get out before the wind and rain starts.



Many residents of North Carolina are also worried about the welfare of the wild horse population that reside along the coastline, but Sue Stuska, a wildlife biologist who is based at Cape Lookout National Seashore stated that these mustangs have been on the Outer banks for hundreds of years and have survived many powerful storms before Florence.

The wild Colonial Spanish Mustangs can be found on the outer banks of North Carolina and date back nearly 500 years. Stuska noted that these animals are highly sensitive to weather changes and know to find higher ground on the sand dunes for the flooding, and find thick shrub and forest for the intense wind.

Hurricane set to impact WEG

Wild weather has also been to blame for the cancellation of the endurance ride at the FEI World Equestrian Games. The humidity was climbing and the results from the vetting made it apparent that many horses were struggling to get their heart rates down, indicating that they weren’t travelling well in the smothering heat.

This weather was as a result of local storms, not the hurricane - however Florence is expected to impact WEG in the next few days with heavy rainfall forecast.

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