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Intensive animal husbandry ruling causes controversy

Herd of horses - Labelled for reuse


By Equestrian Life

A proposed thoroughbred broodmare property (which is in a rural zone) planning to run six horses has been told that it requires permission for the use of land for ‘intensive animal husbandry’.

The Greater Shepparton City Council area is the first Victorian shire to insist a property seeks permission when planning to run more than five horses. The move could set a precedent across the state, meaning that Victorian properties planning to run more than five horses would be classified as intensive animal husbandry operations.

While some have called it overkill, a council spokesman explained that they’ve asked the owners to justify why the property shouldn’t be considered intensive animal husbandry. The council noted that the property is only 4ha and thus the owners will need to bring in much of the feed required for 6 horses rather than relying on pasture. Under the definition of animal keeping, operators with more than five animals needed an animal husbandry permit — but it’s up to the council regarding how this is enforced.




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