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Jin Stirrup breaks the mould!




Amanda Ross riding in Jin Stirrup.

© Michelle Terlato Photography

The new 'DYNAMIK'-  Jin Stirrup breaks the mould...

Jin Stirrup – ‘The Australian Distributor’ is proudly providing beautiful Italian engineered, designed and made horse riding products and accessories to Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

"It's time we got to experience and appreciate something that can truly enhance your ride".

Produced by Wildkart in Italy The ‘Jin Stirrup’ range is renowned for quality, innovative design and style.
Offering the rider an opportunity to experience the highest quality engineering in their Stirrups, Helmets, Spurs and Accessories.

Jin Stirrup – ‘The Australian Distributor’ is proud to introduce the new 'Dynamik' Stirrup. It has been tried, tested and proven to benefit the rider as a stirrup should.

The idea behind this stirrup came from an Italian rider who is also a Physio. Joining forces with the Jin Stirrup engineering and design team the 'Dynamik' was born.

When we approached Amanda Ross to try the new Dynamik she was keen to take on the challenge.
With Amanda's vast experience and having ridden in a wide range of stirrups we were excited to put the stirrup to the test in Australia.
Having used them for the past 3 months now, she was more than happy to endorse Jin Stirrups new 'Dynamik' and help us spread the word.


Jin Stirrups up close

We are proud to have Amanda on the team, thank you for your genuine feedback and support !

"I've converted to riding in wide based stirrups for all disciplines, because they offer more support and balance, whilst still positioning the stirrup correctly on the ball of the foot.

I like that the Jin Stirrup 'Dynamik' stirrup supports and aligns with the riders left and right feet. The angle and curve of the footplate supports the muscles and joints of my foot, ankle and knee, so they move in the correct alignment.

I can feel the difference the Dynamik stirrups offer my body symmetry and balance. Its unique that a stirrup can fit a Left and Right foot and that's a big advantage for Jin Stirrup. The fact that this stirrup was designed
by a Physio who rides...clearly a lot of thought was applied to exactly what is required to keep a rider comfortable whilst in the saddle. The proof is in how this stirrup feels- the engineering works.

The biggest game changing factor for me, is the curved footplate. This has alleviated soreness under the balls of my feet, which traveled through my ankles and up my shins, from hard, flat foot plates.

Manufactured from the toughest quality aluminum, I appreciate this stirrup not only stands the test of time,  but will also be suitable for a cross section of disciplines, whilst also looking very stylish in dressage phase.

Truly a Dynamik stirrup...Well done Jin Stirrup!"

- Amanda Ross

Jin Stirrup - 'The Australian/New Zealand Distributor' will be at Werribee Park Equestrian Centre for most main events this year including DJWTS from 24th-26th March and Melbourne International 3DE.

To view or purchase our products online simply visit www.jinstirrup.com.au

Please take the time to drop in when you see us out and about. Whether it be a personal helmet fitting, or to check out our beautiful Italian equestrian products range.






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