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July Para-Dressage Leaderboard results

Zoe Vorenas and Neversfelde Kipling 

 Zoe Vorenas and Neversfelde Kipling are current fifth on the Para-Dressage Leaderboard


By Equestrian Life

Equestrian Australia High Performance in consultation with rider feedback, have introduced a Para-Dressage initiative to recognise and support Australian athletes.

In conjunction with Equestrian Life the leaderboard has been created to recognise and encourage participation in both national and FEI Para-Dressage categories.

Congratulations to Victoria Davies, who has topped the Equestrian Life Para-Dressage National Leaderboard chart for the second consecutive time! Victoria and Celere received a total point score of  67.

Second place on the July Para-Dressage leaderboard was awarded to Kaye Hannan and Bradgate Park Wexford, with a total point score of 38. Third place was awarded to Chelsea De Jonge and Savio H, with a total point score of 20. Fourth place was awarded to Sarah Sherwood and Janevelyn Tsunami with a total point score of 15. Fifth place was the leaderboard was awarded to Zoe Vorenas and Neversfelde Kipling, with a total point score of 10. Sixth place was awarded to Ryan McNeil and Paragon Pony, with a total point score of 6. Seventh place was awarded to Jasmine Chamberlain and Willowcroft Composer, with a total point score of 4, and eighth place was awarded to Amylie Hines and Koora Lyn Red Dawn, with a total point score of 1.

Congratulations to all competitions!

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