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Let Noble Outfitters Knock Your Socks Off


Noble Outfitters news article 16.03.17

An entire article about socks? Are you serious? Yes, we are … because there’s a lot more to Noble Outfitters  Over the Calf Peddies than meets the eye!

Noble Outfitters news article 16.03.17


Socks or Peddies?

Let’s start with some terminology — as you can probably tell, Over the Calf Peddies is the Noble Outfitters name for what we’d call a jodhpur or boot sock. And the special name is completely warranted because these are no ordinary socks!


Why Peddies are so Comfy

You’re probably used to socks that are essentially just a tube of fabric that pull over your feet. Turn a pair of Noble Outfitters Over the Calf Peddies inside out and you’ll see a whole different story. First, you’ll notice the foot bed is made up of a number of individually shaped and sewn panels. The underside of your foot, from your toes to your heel, is made from thick, looped knit fabric to give you a soft, cushioned feel. A tiny amount of rubber, woven into the knit, helps the socks hug your feet (and not slip) and gives a feeling like you’re walking on clouds.


No More Sweaty Socks!

The entire foot bed of your Noble Outfitters Over the Calf Peddies uses Opti-Dry Technology. This is a special fabric treatment that draws moisture and sweat from your feet to the outside of the peddie, so it can evaporate. As a result, your feet feel dry and more comfortable, even after hours in the saddle.


Sleek Fit Over the Calf

The ultra-thin fabric in the calf of peddies slips easily over your breeches and minimises any bulky feeling. Mini chaps fit zip up really easily over the top too.


Does One Size Really Fit All?

Yes! The spandex and rubber in Over the Calf Peddies makes them super stretchy. We’ve had women with size 11 feet or larger calves over the moon because they can finally find a riding sock that fits. Having said this, Noble Outfitters does make two sizes: women’s and girls’.

Noble Outfitters news article 16.03.17


So Many Cute Patterns!

Krystal Torres, who is a production design assistant for Noble Outfitters, tells us the design team loves creating new peddie styles each season: “We can be playful and uninhibited because, after all, who doesn’t like really fun socks?”

The design process starts with a brain-storming session. “We try to stay focused on horse-themed prints and patterns,” Krystal says. “Sometimes our designs are very literal — they’ll feature motifs of horses, horse shoes and bits. Other times, though, we’ll come up with abstract ideas, such as the sense of grace or speed horses possess.”


Get Matchy Matchy

We love how the Over the Calf Peddies match with everything else in a Noble Outfitters collection. You can go for little pops of colour by matching your peddies with gloves or a head band or go the whole way and have a perfectly co-ordinated outfit — the important thing is to find something you love and express your individual personality!





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