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Lintea Tequila retires from the sport

Such a star for Australia- Edwina Tops Alexander and Lintea - Photo credit Eric Knoll Tequila

Such a star for Australia- Edwina Tops Alexander and Lintea 

© Eric Knoll Tequila


Edwina and the 16-year-old holsteiner mare have together won multiple 5* Grand Prix classes, and claimed numerous podium finishes at some of the most prestigious events in the world.

The news of Lintea Tequila’s retirement, which was shared on Edwina Tops-Alexander’s website read:

Together with Edwina, Tequila won several 5* Grand Prix classes as well as claiming many 5* podium places at some of the most significant shows around the world.

At the 2016 Rio Olympics, the duo came close to challenging for a medal as the pair finished 9th individually after having one pole down in the final round of competition.

Edwina continued on to say, “Tequila has been one of my absolute best horses. She is a sharp and beautiful mare with plenty of blood, a great mind and lots of character…And definitely the boss in the stables.”

Tequila will now enjoy her retirement at Stal Tops in The Netherlands.

EQ Life wishes Lintea Tequila a very happy retirement!









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