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Looking for that perfect towing and city car?


The Audi Q7.

 Looking for that perfect towing and city car? The Audi Q7 is your answer. It has all the horsepower you need to be able to tow your horses as well as being a functional car for trips to the grocery store, running errands, school pick ups and even commuting. 


 Amanda Ross.

Amanda Ross gives us some of her towing car requirements:

   An adjustable seat.

   The seat needs to go up high enough so I can see over the dashboard!

   Sitting with my hips no lower than my knees reduces hip soreness from driving long hours. 

   Good variable lumbar support, especially after riding cross country on a horse who pulls.

   Hands free everything so I can focus on driving the precious cargo.

   Coffee cup holders.... big ones!

   Enough power to not only legally tow the required weight, but to do it easily. There’s nothing more stressful than driving a car that’s struggling to manage the load. The car will also end up having more ‘injuries’ and costing more in repairs because it’s not coping!


Test drive the Audi Q7 here



Written in conjunction with Audi Centre Brighton




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