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Make 2016 your best riding year yet

Natasha Althoff - Photo supplied by Natasha Althoff
Photo supplied by Natasha Althoff

Hi there riding superstars!!!!!!!

Happy 2015 and Merry Christmas!!!!! :):):)

I trust you have had a magical, exciting, enlightening, thrilling and educational 2015!!! I know I sure have!!!!

2015 has been full of magical amazing highs such as the birth of my son, a personal best score of 62.88% in the Grand Prix and a personal best score of 64.375% the Grand Prix Kur at Boneo Park CDI, as well as our indoor complex halfway completed and having all of our foals born healthy and well.

2015 has also had some setbacks with one of my stallions passing away from a heart attack in his stable and most recently doing a sub-standard performance at the Victorian Dressage Championships as 3 months after having a baby is not enough time to get the horses and myself in perfect shape for such a competitive field.

But the best thing about 2015 is the learnings! Whether it was the highs or the lows or the somewhere in betweens, every day was another opportunity to learn, to grow, to step up, to develop.

Natasha Althoff's baby - Photo supplied by Natasha Althoff
©Natasha Althoff

I am always a lover of when things go wrong, when things stop working, when things fall apart - it is an amazing opportunity to change things and be better than before. In my riding, in my business and in my personal life, when I look back, what seemed like a 'bad' time, turned out to be just what I needed to get on track to something even better.

Change isn't to be feared. It’s staying the same that you should be scared of. Change is the path to success and we are constantly pushed to embrace change and be better.

So BRING ON 2016!!! All of it!!!

I have many plans and goals with 7 horses to ride, as well as finishing our indoor complex and running my first NLP training - helping other riders and rider coaches be all they can be.

I have so many goals and so many plans with every day of the 366 (yes we get a bonus day in 2016!) planned out.

Natasha Althoff ©Jessica Atkins Equestrian Photographics

©Jessica Atkins Equestrian Photographics

Now I am wise enough to know not every day will go as planned. Not every month will I achieve all of my goals and when I get to the end of 2016 there will be some goals achieved, other goals not, and a whole lot of fun in the middle.

There will also be setbacks, disappointments, hardships and failure. I acknowledge that now! So when something happens like that I say - yes; as expected! :) But I do know each setback, disappointment and failure makes me stronger, better and smarter and I am the person and rider I am today because of the setbacks disappointments and failures of yesterday. Bring it all on!!!!!

If you are interested in making 2016 your best riding year yet and would like to plan for success as well as being supported and helped through your setbacks, we would love to have you in my “Make 2016 Your Best Riding Year Yet” program. There are still a few spots left. So go to www.yourgoalsettingsuccess.com now and join us in 2016!!!!

To all of you have a thrilling, magical Christmas break and looking forward to sharing 2016 with you!!!!

To your success!!!


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