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NCTM: Being an Equine Remedial and Sports Massage Practitioner


NCTM - Row of Horses

Leslie Williamson of the NCTM Senior Lecturing Team;

Over the last 20 years I have discussed endlessly in every EMT course the vast variables that go with being an equine remedial and sports massage practitioner and this is because we work so closely with each horse. We tactilely relate to the dysfunctional aspects in the body and communicate our findings and treatment plan. Each horse and owner combination as individuals need to be thoughtfully catered for when looking at what is and isn’t working in their partnership and why.

Quite often when we are working with a client and their horse, we tend to be asked a multitude of questions, like….

- I know I need a new saddle, but which one?
- I’m thinking perhaps my horse would be better off barefoot trimmed, what do you think?
- I’m not sure if this bit is working well for my horse?
- Should I do a full clip this year or stick with a trace clip?
- I don’t think my instructor is suitable, can you recommend anyone?
- What do you think of this supplement, have you used it?

The list goes on, the answers however vary, some EMT practitioners are already riding coaches or saddle fitters, barefoot trimmers etc. It is vital to the EMT practitioner to have a broad referral system to ensure the many questions can be answered by the right qualified people.

It is incredibly rewarding to have positive results for horse and rider, being a part of their journey to improved balance, harmony and performance is what it’s all about. Happy horse, happy owner, happy EMT students becoming happy EMT practitioners.

Read more about NCTM here: www.nctm.com.au/


Source: Leslie Williamson 2017 © National College of Traditional Medicine







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