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Peninsula horsewomen set to take on Australian Brumby Challenge

Lara Poynton's brumby, VBA Cooper. © Digi-Foto

Lara Poynton's brumby, VBA Cooper.

© Digi-Foto


Renowned horse professional, Lara Beth Poynton and her associate, Amber Matthews have been selected from an extensive field of applicants Australia-wide to participate in this year's Australian Brumby Challenge at EQUITANA Melbourne from 15 to 18 November 2018.

The Australian Brumby Challenge (ABC) is a bi-annual event, which aims to showcase the abilities and unique values of the Australian Brumby. Totally wild Brumbies that have been passively trapped in Australian Alpine terrain are partnered with 21 approved professional and non-professional trainers, who have 150 days to take their Brumby to the finals in November.

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Lara Beth Poynton is a qualified Senior Horse Safety Instructor. Her business, Peninsula Equine Development, is located in Tuerong on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula. A talented horse trainer and educator, Lara successfully competed in the 2016 Australian Brumby Challenge with endurance rider and Arabian horse breeder, Nigel Anderson. As well as a shared experience of working with the Brumbies, Lara and Nigel have a proven reputation amongst the local equine community of starting young horses under saddle, re-training and teaching people how to better educate their horses. This has inspired a collaboration to write and publish The System, a simple and effective guide to achieving positive training outcomes for both horse and rider.

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As Lara explains: “Two years ago we proved The System can start a wild horse. Our training methods are about establishing good horsemanship principles and solid foundations that can be used on horses in all equestrian disciplines from dressage to show jumping and endurance. This year my goal is to demonstrate with our Brumbies, the role that leadership plays in their education and how best to achieve success for a lasting relationship."

For Amber Matthews with a background in show jumping, the Brumby Challenge first-timer will be able to apply the training skills learned from her mentors, Lara and Nigel. The Challenge will provide an opportunity for Amber to highlight her experience of working with The System, as she prepares to demonstrate the versatility of these truly dynamic horses.

The journey has now begun for Lara and Amber - you can catch up on their progress and meet their brumbies via their Facebook page.


Lara and VBA Cooper.

© Digi-Foto


VBA Cooper.

© Digi-Foto


As the countdown to November begins in earnest, training over the next 150 days will see the horses prepared for the finals. During the four-day event at EQUITANA Melbourne each of the women are tested in several classes designed to showcase both trainer-ability and Brumby-adaptability in a competitive environment. Champions for 2018 to be announced after the Freestyle class with the Brumbies auctioned to approved and registered bidders on the final day.

EQUITANA is the largest and most diverse equine showcase in the southern hemisphere, attracting 50,000 spectators and is held at the Melbourne Showgrounds. The Australian Brumby Challenge partnered with EQUITANA Melbourne in 2016 in order to bring a bigger and better challenge.

Australian Brumby Challenge, EQUITANA Melbourne, Melbourne Showgrounds, 15 - 18 November 2018.




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