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Phillip Dutton injured in a fall

Phillip Dutton and Mighty Nice Photo Credit Arnd Bronkhorst

Phillip Dutton and Mighty Nice.

© Arnd Bronkhorst


By Equestrian Life

Olympic eventer Phillip Dutton has been injured in a fall while schooling a horse at friend Boyd Martin’s property in Pennsylvania, USA.

The accident occurred on cross country when the horse reportedly miscalculated a jump and fell on him. The fall resulted in a broken collarbone, three broken ribs and a collapsed lung.

Phillip is expected to make a full recovery, although he will need some time off riding and competition. The horse was uninjured.


The following statement was published in the Phillip Dutton Eventing Facebook page - Phillip Dutton Eventing Facebook page.

The above statement was published on the Phillip Dutton Eventing Facebook page.

An ex-Australian, Phillip represented us at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and 2000 Sydney Olympics, both times coming away with a team gold medal. He is now an American citizen and rides for the US at international championships, winning individual bronze at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

EQ Life wishes Phillip a speedy recovery and hopefully he’s back in the saddle soon!




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