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Product of the Week: Equi-Jewel




The world’s most trusted, effective  & scientifically proven topline conditioner

“ Full-fat, no grain, plenty of energy - I can’t rave about Equi-Jewel enough. ”
Megan Jones - Olympic Medalist


The correct balance of palatable, digestible, and cool energy is vital for successful conditioning.


Fat is an essential component in the diets of hard-working horses, or any horse requiring assistance increasing body condition.

EQUI-JEWEL is an excellent source of energy and fat. Added dietary fat has proven to be an invaluable tool for putting weight on a poor doer or adding extra energy required to maintain high performance. As well as being a highly concentrated energy source, fat has several other advantages.


Energy from fat does not make a horse flighty like energy from grain, and horses on high-fat diets exhibit more endurance. EQUI-JEWEL Stabilised Rice Bran is an excellent product for improving body condition and topline of thin horses because it is a combination of rice oil and highly digestible fibre.


EQUI-JEWEL is specifically designed to nutritionally support the equine athlete to assist in building muscle, topline and maintaining condition.


EQUI-JEWEL is a scientifically formulated, high-fat, low-starch and cool-energy conditioner with added vitamin E, selenium and calcium.


EQUI-JEWEL is the original, research-proven stabilised rice bran conditioning supplement and the only conditioning supplement that offers the combination of high fat with minimal levels of oxidisation, low starch and an effective amount of digestible fibre.


EQUI-JEWEL is specifically designed to nutritionally support the equine athlete by providing a highly palatable form of additional calories and protein to assist in building muscle, topline and maintaining condition.


Benefits For Your Horse


High in calories, without the fizz associated with high-grain diets.

Highly digestible and palatable.

Low in starch – ideal for horses intolerant to grain, those prone to tying-up, and those with behavioural issues.

The low feeding rate and high digestibility provides for an economical calorie supplement.

The benefit of rice bran for conditioning and muscle-building.

Stabilised and extruded to lock in the fat content, increase shelf life and prevent oxidation.

Contains essential fatty acids for healthy skin and a naturally shiny coat.

Contains added calcium to balance the high phosphorus level found naturally in rice bran and other commonly fed brans or pollards.

Supplies the powerful antioxidants, natural vitamin E and organic selenium.

Supported by extensive research with proven advantages over other fat sources.


To supplement the diets of horses requiring additional calories to maintain performance and condition.

To increase body condition, muscle, topline and coat condition in show, sale and performance horses.

As a safe alternative energy source for horses requiring a low-carbohydrate diet such as those prone to tying-up or laminitis.

A cool source of calories for horses that heat up on grain.

A source of natural vitamin E and organic selenium to assist with muscle recovery in performance horses and promote healthy immune function.

For horses at risk of gastric ulceration or colic.

A slow-release energy source for horses competing over long distances or endurance competitions.

As an energy source without the risks often associated with feeding grain.



For more information contact the Kentucky Equine Nutrition Consultation Service on 1800 772 198 or email advice@ker.com.









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